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Lets laugh at OpTic
So you're saying we can see they're not good when they're not good ? Very clever, man. I didn't see things like that.
FaZe vs Liquid
4 T rounds in total on 2 maps for Liquid.
Envy vs Kinguin
Kinguin just beat EnVyUs 16-2 on a map they don't even play... EnVyUs, what's happening ??
Immortals vs North
It's gonna be Astralis vs NaVi right ?
If NiP beat Astralis
i'm here for the prize
NiKo bully?WTF
Ooo Im a big man I joined FaZe oOooo. I like him but why he's bullying allu? He just transfered every single allu skin to his account and "accidentaly" spilled coke on finnishguy keyboard.
Tricked vs Envy
You can't really deny teams the use of stand-ins, though. I remember when I played in competitive TF2, the enemy team had to approve of the stand-in. It makes sense, as you could use one of the bes...
Tricked vs Envy
Everyone remembers when GuardiaN was a stand-in for Fraternitas vs. LDLC.
IF FaZe win VS SK
Online games from 3 months ago.
Why sixer?
It's true SIXER is really bad right now... They justified bringing him in because he's experienced but his many mistakes really don't show it...
French Music It's basically a MHD song even if it says it's from Gradur
G2 vs Heroic
Shox said yesterday that they're not prepared on this map but they chose to play it again ?
SK vs Immortals
"zews - 3 Galil kills to stop the CTs pushing from bombsite B (2 kills) and last man standing hunt (Ivy to T Spawn location) - vs 2 MAG7s and upgraded pistols with 2/5 head armor distribution" wtf ...
France vs Canada
16-0---------16-0---------------------------------16-016-016-0 16-0-------16-0----------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-----------------------------------16-0-----------16-0 ...
zAAz is delusional
"source:" ahahahahahahahah next in line : "source :"