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I guess your religion
Nah bro I'm Catholic
I guess your religion
> 19 > United States > 2nd Semester of University > 2,000 Hours
2017 Major Graffiti (YOU CHOOSE)
Thanks, I actually turned this match on during that timeout so I just missed it.
2017 Major Graffiti (YOU CHOOSE)
All good brother.
Cloud 9 Roster Changes
In a perfect world that would be the best solution. In reality, though they will replace shroud with Swag once he retires which needs to be soon. n0thing also needs to considering retirement because a...
2017 Major Graffiti (YOU CHOOSE)
Okay, I know you're smart enough to count to 3. I asked for #2, you gave me #3, let's not be special this time.
2017 Major Graffiti (YOU CHOOSE)
Is there a video of #2? I must've missed this part of the match.
Played HellRaisers Played Renegades Sure fucking hope they qualify with that tier 12 schedule.
They played Renegades and HellRaisers, if they didn't win they might as well retire.
Twitch vs YouTube
Get better internet and computer nerd.
C9 will win major
+summer +1
Family issues
Flag checks out confirmed for alabama
Christians are disrespectful
You're basing your argument on a hasty generalization. About 2.42 billion people in the world are of the Christian religion. 230 million of them live in the United States; though that's the country wi...
I'll R8 your football team
You're not wrong.
I'll R8 your football team
+1 Bayern has always been my favorite, always been a fan of the German style of soccer, or football I guess for everyone else... Where I live everyone either likes Barcelona or Real Madrid.