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I only care about facts.
Fact no. 1
capitalism is superior to socialism

Fact no. 2
fascism is left wing
so if you are a leftie and "want to show that conservative/rightists" calling him a fascist isnt gonna work. however you can call yourself a fascist.

Fact no. 3
nacism, national socialism is both left-right ideology that combines ideas from both worlds. therefore calling someone a nazi doesnt mean far right extremist.
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1.4 sens shit
So 1 @800
Homophobes come here
there is more straight couples waiting for adoptions than orphans available to adoption and i say its better to place the orphan to a natural family rather than to the one that is socially constructe...
Homophobes come here
ofc registered gay couples can adopt. tell why should gays even be able to adopt kids? what for?
Homophobes come here
so they can adopt, lmao what you dont get. both of them might not be written somewhere as a parent and so what. they can still live in a common household.
Homophobes come here
from the legal point of view, only one of them can be written as a parent. but yeah they can still adopt and live in a common household.
Homophobes come here
so yeah, they can adopt. also there is no right to adopt for anyone and there never should be. adoption is a privilege like having a car or going on a vacation
Homophobes come here
clicked the link with the map about gay adoption, its wrong, my country is red while gays can adopt. didnt bother to read the rest
Homophobes come here
Homophobes come here
no bonuses... also anyone can marry (if you are legally competent)
Homophobes come here
i do i find it trashy as fuck, unless on pool/beach/doing sports, going shirtless in the city is trashy af sexuality is a private thing, its only your business why do you think public nudity or publi...
Homophobes come here
yeah i guess those dressed casually
Homophobes come here
Homophobes come here
i havent seen heterosexual couples doing any prides and wearing lederhosen or erotic stuff in public.
Homophobes come here
np, country where freedom of speech has its value where anyone can present their ideas. so you are welcome none gives a shit wether you fuck the same sex or u r into old people, just keep it at home
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