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Swedish CS?
cucked country where its forbiden to play shooter games by goverment, they are shifting to minecraft and "roflbox" )))
depressing countries to live in
sure, look in the history at multicultural empires and why they collapsed. Each of it had to face ethnicity problems...
depressing countries to live in
Wellness, i dont see any problem there. For medical stidies you have to be competent and this system secures it. Here it depends on uni. Sometimes they have their own entry tests, other outsourcing th...
i5 3470 + GTX 1060
u better upgrade to i7... i5 isnt worthy upgrade imo
depressing countries to live in
We have entry tests and on popular subject fail rates are high aswell, yet none is complaining, its uni after all, not meant to be for everyone just for the top.
depressing countries to live in
India = slum only bagalore looks like a place where you can survive a night
depressing countries to live in
No wonder when brazil population is like 858946 colors of ppl... No offense. Multicultural states cant be fully functional. The biggest multiculti concept in the europe was austrian-hungarian empire a...
depressing countries to live in
Lol entry tests are a standard (atleast here) You would like to let every favela nigga in uni? Dont be ridiculous. Uni education should be something special and definitely not available for everyone l...
I'm GN2 with 1.6k hours
Who cares about ranks anyway lul. Its not 2014 anymore...
Worth learning c++?
Cpp for cheat coding, veri izi moneyz. Learn basics compile few sources together. Change the name of your pasta. Resell, profit.
Countries you never want to visit
Thank god you dont see yourselves as europeans...
Countries divided for no reason
Maybe u should read more history books if u think that only austria-hungary empire connects you to hungary. Well, for you wiki might be enough...
10/10 books
Zimbardo - the lucifer effect Bush - axis of evil Huntington - clash of civilization And for the lulz Lady fuckingham by Wilde Or 120 days of sodom by de Sade
u can make u cando this u can do that, lol i dont care i just wanna post a link for the ppl im talking with i dont wanna mess around... anyway different ppl join in, so u will add differnet rights all...
Theres no chat for the voice room, baiter