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Sennheiser HD 569
hyperx - cancer brand like razer (not that much) senheiser - audio proffesionals
why am I shy to girls?
Prague - Czech Republic
the best city in the world? dunno, nothing bad in prague, maybe just shitton of tourists... look up prague guide on youtube... the guy points out all the scam and shit, in reality you wont prolly mea...
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Your favorite rap artists
everything but those modern cancer bs things like ezo/izo/yzo i dont really know how its even called... that was the trashiest "music" ive ever heard
Your favorite rap artists
its not 90s anymore, none listens to rap nowadays...
Who is the biggest national hero in your country?
pipi dlouha puncocha
rip russia
bend over for putin solved???
300+ fps ?
they are unparked on anything newer than w7
university = useless?
sehr gut )))
university = useless?
hello my fellow countryman. blue, white, red, right?
Degree's suggestion
none else can decide your life for you... if u wanna your life decided by someone else drop out and work in mcd... ffs its your life dude, look for the jobs in each field, find a position ud like to ...
i rate 3 cities in ur country
berlin is a shit city cmon, all germans know it but you?
Degree's suggestion
do whatever you like the most out of those? if you are good ar it you will get a job in the field anyway. all of these specializations have high market value anyway so none of them is a "wrong" choice...
SK vs NiP
u started this conversation with a retarded reply as barazilians are expected to do so