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path of exile
you can use it for all your chars, just press "M" and dissmiss or equip it
path of exile
you can not transfer standard chars/tabs/items in new leagues/expansions, you have to create a new char and start from 0 or keep playing on standard
path of exile
I have over 2k hours on it, its super aditcive, but it takes your time, at the start you`ll need to sped a huge ammount of time to farm in order to progress. You also need to sped time in research of ...
I`m subscribed to netflix but I only am allowed to view shit old movies due to country restrictions :/
100€ for you
You didnt try it, I remembered now it was the resolution Benq XL2411 cant run 144 on 1280x800 , change your res to native (1980x1080) just to test if you will have the full 144hz then. If so , you hav...
100€ for you
Try it
100€ for you
Its your monitor, xl2411t is 120 hz not 144, set all related monitor settings to 120hz (use DVI D cable not HDMI) -freq 120, and all windows and adapter display settings to 120 hz from 144 even to it...
Too many people
Thank you for the insight mr Thanos
poland 3rd or 4th world???
sure :)
poland 3rd or 4th world???
I dont think so, been to Krakow and Warsaw and they are really nice places to visit. Lots of history, friendly people and many things to see and do there.
Syria, coz of free fireworks
female csgo
it will, when they make it nude, like those weather news forecasts after 11 p.m.
Should I kill myself?
CS is a game, youre supposed to find fun in it, if its not entertaining, you should just do whatever is for you. There are many hobbies that one can start practiceing alone and make friends with othe...
Turkey is not Europe :D :D