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I think steel would rather kill himself than play in that team.
petra hotter than mimi
German Girlfriend <3
Which is a shame, because considering we're on HLTV, it's a pretty decent joke.
R8 gurl (mine pen frienda)
The fuck are those socks/shoes in the 2nd picture?
most likeable player
AdreN / n0thing / shox
CS is dead finally.
There's not a single team that interests me at the tournament. I couldn't care less.
arsenal vs cologne ?
Typical football "fans" I'd say.
Problem of VP
Literally every team in the Top 20 is good in at least 1 - 2 tournaments a year.
Problem of VP
They're shit.
Rang g2 players:))
Come off Kenny's dick for a second and watch this match: The worst performance from a professional AWPer I have ever ...
Rang g2 players:))
To add to that, everyone's always bitching about allu or back in the day Smithzz missing lots of easy shots, but those people must've never watched kenny play. He misses more easy shots than anyone el...
Juliano XD
Anime for pussies, emo kids
No problem, I thought you did, just wanted to point it out. This exactly, is what I'm not sure of. Is anime really playing a part in how Japanese boys don't come up to girls and ask them out, or is t...
Anime for pussies, emo kids
1) I know, I just thought her whole argument was based on "anime is for kids" (because if it isn't, then I understand her point even less). I may have worded it badly as well, I apologize. In a less c...