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"A tier is a row or layer of something that has other layers above or below it." Tiers in CS GO are completely arbitrary. Heretics may as well be Tier 76.
The star with 1.03 and 0.98 ratings on LAN respectively? That's barely even better than fucking markeloff... WorldEdit was always a much better player.
CIS wasted talents
mir has looked absolutely incredible for someone who's been on the sidelines for over half a year.
Austria come here
I've heard Hayek's name before. Never heard of Mises.
Women CS
But that's the point. Female teams have been getting chances and playing against male opposition since 2016 and they haven't gotten a single step closer. I just think it's unfair, that they get paid s...
Women CS
Female CS is pretty much on the same level, or even lower, than it was 3 years ago. How much more time do you want to give them? Zaaz is 28 and has been playing for more than half a decade. What makes...
Players playing at the highest level obviously don't have the time to play FPL 24/7. Out of those 114, 107 are leagues above zaaz, and I don't know the other 7.
Hard Legion vs Heroic
Signed up date checks out.
Easily this:
I think that may be the most legit clip I've ever seen someone call cheats on...
Players nobody is a fan of?
broky is overrated
stewie used to be a lot better, he's declined massively lol
Kazakhstan wtf
His whole post is basically "fuck the police for enforcing the law" He had no argument to begin with.
Who do you support?
mou valde shox
What do you mean? They've never been a top 10 team to begin with.