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Probably Shox. He was the first player I really enjoyed watching. Behind him it's very close between the likes of Valde, WorldEdit, Mertz, Mou, AdreN, zehn, HS, fejtz,...
fnatic vs mousesports
loWel quit the game Round over - Winner: CT (0-7) - Bomb defused flusha defused the bomb olofmeister killed oskart with hegrenade oskart planted the bomb (1on5) JW killed chrisJ with hegrenade flusha ...
Can't people just enjoy both of them?
maps played by players on the team
Just go to the team page, then all the way to the bottom and click on "All stats for ...". There you go.
Heroic vs BIG
Valde wasn't playing incredible recently, but still much better than Moddii, if valde isn't going to a different team, this change is absolutely retarded.
BIG vs FlipSid3
BOTlander at it again.
NiP deserve spot at qualifications
NiP won 5 out of 8 pistol rounds.
Current eu minor qualifier standings?
Anime has the potential to be the greatest form of entertainment
Good job Austria. vs BIG
Nope :P vs BIG
BIG are trying so hard to throw, but VP is just too shit.
hardest math problem
That's just not how math works. Might as well put down 2 as the answer to every single maths problem you encounter, because surely the person who came up with the problem MEANT 1+1=? (solve in N). ...
hardest math problem
As someone in the comments of the stupid video you linked earlier pointed out, if you want to distribute, then do it right... 6/y(1+2) = 9 (6/y)*1 + (6/y)*2 = 9 6/y + 12/y = 9 18/y = 9 y = 2