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Islamization of Europe
islamization is fake news, its only in the big cities if u look outside the cities there is no islam nothing.
skateboarding olympics 2k20
how can ow be violent?`its like watching tv series for kids.
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
how does it bother you? like lets be serious if this guy doesnt touch me or want to suck my dick i dont care what hes doing. focus on your own life turn off all media detach from society and u will be...
vega is best german rapper, dont be hating boi.
Believe in god!
gott ist tot
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
i dunno why ppl hate other ppl in general it just show's weakness if ur not willing to kill him dont bother about him and focus on your own shit.
lemme guess its your 2nd account? i didnt find it funny at all :O
new gucci sneakers!
this is literally a adidas stan smith superstar with dirt , nothing more
let the show begin
this is fake major real major starts with navi , faze ,astralis , wtf is dis shit.
Gym Progress!!
its not about motivation its more like u gotta discipline urself to do it. there are days i done wanna move out of the house somehow i still go for a 10 km run cuz afterwards u will feel better in all...
Y'all believe
cyber bullying is so dumb like seriously why not just delete facebook other social media or never look at your phone or monitor again.
Russia considers 'unplugging' from internet
if they unplug the internet all this bored ppl will go on street protest again corrupted government its not good idea.
enjoy life frends!
always possible look for something new while ur still working the old.
skiing is suicide
then u obviously drink not enough jager tee
the great tao flows everywhere. its true. and we will never find out cuz basically u cant find it really out.