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Do you read books?
About half an hour before I go to sleep each night. I enjoy it and it the absence of blue light makes me sleep better too. Ill read on car trips as well.
Australian Internet
Because Labour understated the costs of the the project and overstated the speed of its layout. The Liberals version was cheaper and quicker to do, cost effectiveness is questionable. But you can trus...
muslim culture
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Genocide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_genocide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assyrian_genocide Not at all racist, intolerant or hateful.
muslim culture
"indiscriminate violence", Nazi Germany did not engage in indiscriminate violence lmao. The Holocaust was not in anyway indiscriminate.
rain rekt HLTV
b8 title, by "rain" 90% of people think u mean the relevant norwegian player.
Conservatives Have Lower IQs
I understand the difference between the two perfectly well, I just don't agree with your view on their respective prevalence, ofc interpersonal exists but systemic racism is constantly overblown by pe...
Conservatives Have Lower IQs
+1 always with the claims of "racist tendencies" to cover up systematic failures within communities
Virtus.pro vs North
pray for north
Immortals vs Complexity
Misfits must be pretty happy now
15/16 cm
I'm 18-20cm ez, doesnt make up for being short tho :/
best country to live
im not talking about africans or ppl of african descent, i am talking about australian aboriginals specifically
best country to live
yes they sniff petrol, are alcoholics, don't have jobs, plus they are probably the most ugly group of ppl in the world.
Porn in your country (SFW)
tbf most of our 'time spent per visit' is waiting for the video to load