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I'm guess your rank
Cologne 2015 2.15 / 900 train
19 yo with 16 yo
You started dating a 14 year old when you were 17?
Trump will win the 2020 elections
No it wasnt? lmao
If FaZe sign guardian
Yeah and you need a few guys like that in the team. Theres no way for all the players to drop 30 bombs, some just need to be the constant 3rd or 4th fragger.
Why -allu
Allu is a good AWP, I dont get why people take the bot meme so seriously they cant even look at his stats lul
Should Dosia go on diet as JW ?
He doesnt live in Poland, a house actually costs over 20p elsewhere you know?
Hate on BIG
Are you actually that dumb...? Obviously he is being sarcastic as BIG declined to not use it as per Stewies tweet...
FAZE 0-3 Kick Incoming?
Never said he wasnt, he just is way more inconsistent... for some reason you seem to think he is consistent which just isnt the case at all.
FAZE 0-3 Kick Incoming?
Allu has literally been one of the most consistent players in the team, very rarely tops the scores but almost always 2nd or 3rd. Oskar has been very much hit and miss throughout his career...
Astralis girl
A German race expert? How unexpected.
Blame fcking volvo
>using a gun that is working perfectly as intended >using a bug that gives you the same advantage you get from a wallhack and breaks the game :thinking:
Is 100 fps an excuse to go 1-16?
You mean min 244....
Hate on BIG
Why would you not use it if your opponent straight up declines a gentlemans agreement to not use it? Obviously youll start using something this broken as well... Retarded kids.
Finns I need your help (translation)
In a weightless state Takkinen finds the matafaking nearby bar, Hangover puke floats in the space like Yuri Gagarin. I want to find a queit pub, T cant handle any more noise. I release on teenagers fa...
admins plzzzzzzzzz
Oh so you dont even understand the fact that I dont speak german? And that you are basing your argument completely on a Wikipedia article? Or dont you just see the problem with that? And how about th...