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I am a cs genius.


Europeans/Western are allowed to cheat for money.

BUT North Americans get banned by Valve when they try to cheat/throw for money. CSGO SCENE IS RACIST AS FUCK.

Humans cheat at everything in life. our main objective in life is to make things easier by cutting corners and taking the easiest route to the finish. (there are necklaces that hold pizza slices for us instead of holding it ffs).

Hacking will never stop because the more intellectual people code the hacks.

Valve is in a tight spot. if you ban all the hackers that would obliterate the popularity of csgo. all the legendary people that all the small minded kids look up to would get banned and it would cause the biggest uproar of esports history and that would end esports. not just csgo. plus what happens to all the money the guys won already?

Valve just cant make VAC better and wont ban pros because of how much money they are making and after all: IT IS A BUSINESS. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MORALS.

Typed BEFORE gambling was banned: (i know i'm a genius)
If you are disgusted by csgo child gambling: this is the whole reason CS has made it to Television. they will soon even-out making age limits on gambling websites/steam but to explain: the businesses need alot of money at the beginning to BOOM the industry into existence/popularity. Once it has made an impact on society and the 15 year olds become 18 year olds(which is getting very close), then they can implement those age limits to please the community and mold CS into a potential sport while still holding onto an aging community.

If all these things go perfect to plan, then we've got ourselves a real sport. But all sports are actually businesses, its a hard fact to live with, and not alot of people can understand that

********(It has almost gone perfect to plan)********

-NiKo is not a tier 1 player. watch his plays.

some who call me a genius, others just call me genius.


THE TEAM THAT IBUYPOWER THREW VERSUS.(MSpaz now CLG) IS NOW A TOP 3 NA TEAM. LOL well then, logic tells us that it wasnt a throw if they could potentially lose to skill. but kids don't listen to logic.

Typed BEFORE gambling was banned: (i know i'm a genius)
CSGODouble, CSGO2X, any roulette websites are SCAMS. if anyone that knows math. know that the winning cannot come from nowhere. the House has to win the majority of bets or there will be no money to give to the winners. MONEY DOESN'T JUST GROW ON TREES.

CSGO VAC is used for a perfect median between hackers and legit players, so that the most income/revenue can be accumulated.

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