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Uber sucks!
Do you know what personification means? dumb favela monkey xDDD
d2 is nitr0's worst map, he will be the best NA player at this tournament, wait for the later matches
Liquid vs YP
If Liquid lose this I'll commit suicide on stream, I've lost all hope for them, and for my life
Boobs or Butt?
Ass definitely or boy pucci xDDDD
USA education vs Finland education
Everyone here is stupid (USA) I don't understand how people can't grasp the concepts in school, it's literally just plugging in numbers, memorization and a bit of writing
MLG Qualifier Predictions
G2, TS Liquid, Mouse CLG, SK Dignitas, RNG Don't see c9 qualifying, unless RNG turn out to be onliners c9 is so shit
Top 5 NA/EU Teams!
<3 freakazoid expected c9 is fucking terrible
Liquid likeable team
nitr0 is 20 lol
sick lineup
lol ima gurl xD and i think this is best lineup loL DaZeD swag nitr0 AZK Skadoodle IM A GIRL LMAOXD LOL
Liquid m0e?
LOL IM A GIRL you do realize that m0e only acts like that on stream???????? Fucking retaRD
Pasha's movement
I move better than pasha and IM A GIRL IM A GIRL GUYS LOL XD
s1mple toxic to koosta
Did s1mple really think he could just come to NA and outaim everyone???? He got beat by summit and Twistzz, not even remotely the best aimers in NA He's a fucking shitty XDDDDDD no aim LOL XDDDD...
4:3 masterrace
you're a shitty player if your reaction time is that bad Awping on 4:3 is the easiest shit in the world. You're fucking terrible XDDDDD :3~
Niko vs Simple
4:3 masterrace
You're a shitty awper than Awping in 4:3 is so much better