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Serious girl question need help
It's not going to last long if thats the case. W8 and when he breaks up with her ez grill
faceit improve
I reached lwl 7 solo Q, now I'm 8 with premades. not playing since 1-2 months best thing to do is not to play solo, it's very random. While Solo Q I got 13 game W in a row and lost much more games i...
times before god
>in those times humans used to ask if there is a god , they would get no answer and die and go to hell. They weren't actually according To Islamic beliefs. If people lives at times where no prophet ...
Reverse racism
>black people have never enslaved white people they are two different things alter
Reverse racism
Arabs=/= blacks, you ignorant
Unite under my banner once again brate
that some gandhi lwl shit b8 gtfo pls
r8 song
It should have been a death metal song. this guy fakeflaggin
cigarettes really kills'?
Wer Trinken, Rauchen und Sex aufgibt, lebt auch nicht länger. Es kommt ihm nur so vor. -Freud
Germany come here
He doesn't have to master it. He even doesn't have to learn any grammer for communication.
Germany come here
... joke aside best way to gitgud at speaking a language is the go to Country where it's talked, but there is lots of apps which you can speak with others also, check some daily conversation, learn t...
Germany come here
go there, you'll adapt easy
Height question
ahh schroeder good. wagner? ıdk newer watched him
Height question
I named nowitzki cuz he's only relevant player alter
Height question
basketball isn't that much of a healthy sport tbh