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mount&blade 2019
There are lots of mods you can play with fresh game feeling. I never got bored. Lots of roleplaying options . My pc is decent, can run almost every game. But it's just best game for me.
mount&blade 2019
Warband still satisfies me
Black Panther ?
No. It's a beautiful animal
Best Metal?
Mgla you silly best BM I have listened for a very long time
Album of the year?
Petrichor was great also imo I love their earlier albums especially Weltenasche
Album of the year?
It doesn't released yet Karg album "Dornenvögel" will be released November 16th, 2018
Faceit longest win streak
13 W in a row only Solo Q
[+18] Muslim logic
expected von Bratwurst, you definitely don't understand shit, then you can cook your shit it will be cleanse all diseases. This is Scientifical Fact
[+18] Muslim logic
I didn't said that at all. We don't eat that cuz it's haram even it would be healthier that's the same for muslim/jew
[+18] Muslim logic
I can agree for chickens, but not for cows or sheeps. It's about what they eat, not how they look or where they live. Although chicken is also nothing compare to porks
[+18] Muslim logic
jews don't eat pork too. It's unhealthy, porks are filthy, they can eat everything they find, their digest system is slow and their guts are short that's why they can't digest what they eat properly a...
r8 my country music
Sorry I don't like Country Music, so I'll not listen
3000 hours and no GE
3k hour 8 lwl FACEIT till 7 lwl solo Q Solo Q global but now I'm Supreme
Metalheads come here
Good to see a fellow Turk who listen good music man. It's rare really. Which city do you live?
Metalheads come here
Mgla - Exercises in Futility Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel Ne Obliviscaris - Urn Batushka - Yekteniya Karg - Weltenasche or NEO - Portal of I