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I have a lower arm patchwork sleeve on the left and my right calf is pretty much full with a huge cover up. Goal is to have both arms and chest full at some point. Not a huge fan of pre-planned sleev...
ENCE RETIRE ?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
How are you still not bored Crank?
too many fluke teams
Every time that is not Liquid is a fluke team. Alright then.
allu is to blame
This is peak Finnish CS. Let's kick the IGL because "legit just frag lol". Favouring playing with friends over winning. I guess it was nice to have a relevant Finnish team for a little bit there. Back...
Need help to get out of silver.
Do not try to call in silver. Nobody listens/understands. Just focus on taking good duels and playing smart in retakes. By smart I mean when you have more people alive just play passive and bait your ...
is 20kg a lot?
There is absolutely no way to lose 20kg in 1.5 months in a healthy manner. If you are not extremely overweight it might even be life threatening to try to lose weight so quickly.
Enjoy having worse sex for your entire life.
ENCE hate
It is always "because of their fans" yet barely see obnoxious fans but a lot of "FLUKE TEAM LOL" threads.
I fix NaVi mens)))
Look at Edward's stats then. He does not have the flash stats that role players have. That would be flamie on NaVi. He does not contribute enough in kills. There is absolutely no reason to have Edward...
wtf is siima @finnish
Fishing line
i think u should bookmark this
Chain logic at it's finest.
Worst major?
I would say London.
Global Warming LOL
Could you elaborate?
Vegan come here
I am a flexible kind of vegan/vegetarian. As in I am fine with a vegetarian dish at a restaurant if there is no reasonable vegan option and similar situations like that.
fatties in my gym
I kinda hope you are not baiting and this is actually you.