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Thorin exposes Pimp
He's actually defending pimp on twitter yo
Xantares is just so good on LAN (Y)
MIBR Jerseys
Its not a joke yo
they are good!
no no no
Definitely agree haha!
olof, dennis NIP!!!
Neo has actually been playing very good the last couple of matches.. But you take a teams performance the same as an individual of a team.. Look at a classical example: KennyS in his Titan days, proba...
olof, dennis NIP!!!
you are clearly not watching tournaments m8.. They have bad times, especially get right for many months now. Has not been the same consistent mastermind he was 2015 f.example. But f0rest has had fine ...
olof, dennis NIP!!!
You are so wrong man.. Gtr and f0rest overrated.. They might be "average" in bad times, but they are godlike legendary players who has been world class for many years.
boycott ELEAGUE
Eleague is great, allahu akbar
England wants to be independent because they dont want to be controlled by EU commission in bruxelles. They want to make their own "laws and rules". They want to avoid the refugee situation still goin...
1Million for NHL17
NHL = National hockey league
Clown9 is the worst joke in the whole CS scene!! They get 3 weeks of fame and everybody still thinks its the best team in the world. They got all the chokers and no strats at all with n0thing leadin...
EU not the best anymore?
When navi and fnatic comes back with full strenght, LG will have a harder time. Lets wait and see. And Envy needs to get back to full strength too, then LG cant match those french headshots ;) Astr...
NiKo to Cloud9
wow, they did it once! crazy man i take my words back mr pro.. No, to be with the best you need to do that consistent and not choke when you get beyond EU borders and play a tournament..