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Fragsters vs Gambit
Fragsters, please. Show SexGod who's boss.
North vs Heroic
Very dependant on how North performs with their still-new roster. However, they have been a pretty dominant force on train, so I'm gonna say North takes it, but it'll be close!
144hz Monitor help
I use an ASUS Predator and I quite like it!
Your dream country?
Probably Norway, I've always wanted to see what life's like over there :)
Your dream country?
Yeah it's definitely something to experience :D My favourite is when you see kids running around without coats in like -12 weather!
Your dream country?
If you're okay with rain then you could live in Vancouver, they get winter but there's not much snow :)
Your dream country?
How cold are you talking in Celsius? Because my city (Edmonton, AB) is known for having a 60 degree temperature swing from summer to winter :p That's -22 to 86 in Fahrenheit.
America and Guns
I'm sorry but the fact that an 18 year old student can destroy the lives of students and their families so easily cannot be ignored. In Canada, I feel extremely privileged knowing that I am safe every...
R8 gf ass
Did you have her permission to post this online? :P
LDLC vs North
North aka shit
Mayweather v McGregor explained
That was a really nice comment! Respect :D
FaZe vs Envy
I swear it, I'll actually have enough money for the PC I want!
FaZe vs Envy
If FaZe win this 2-0 I'll stop betting forever :D
Luminosity vs Cloud9
It actually is.. Not a lot, but enough.. I've legitimately tested it after trying to disable it.