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Epok nr7/ lyft x-strong or Thunder frosted
Is my sens too low?
I've got lower, just play with what you like. Most likely it's not our sens' fault we're not pro.
El Camino discussion (spoilers)
It was okey, glad I watched it for free. Really like the series, but this felt like an low budget made for tv sequal.
Why hate brits?
Cause they only bait and never rushes out with you, I have a love-hate relationship with it.
Norway, explain
Good support and can have some insane games
Norway, explain
I'm not taking any one who has success outside Norway
Reaction time
avg at 180 best was 152
White people outside of NA/EU/AUS
Most of us don't mind em, but you only hear from/about the ones that do. We've had muslims here since late 60s, as long as they behave they're welcome.
Norway, explain
We have like 2 teams that are sponsored, Nordavind who is a branch of Vålerenga FK and Apeks who is a branch of ProUnite. The rest are students and regular working men, too take the chance and try to ...
15 16 17 average kill ppl on faceit
If you're a B player and the terrorist only go A, most likely you're not gonna have a lot of kills. having an avg of 16-18 kills than is pretty good. You could be holding B They come B you destroy em ...
White people outside of NA/EU/AUS
White people outside of NA/EU/AUS
Norway is not part of the European Union
Flex with your girlfriends!
My gf only has pictures of her horse on her ig
Go gay with a pro
JKS wouldn't mind some Savage in me
Malmø Danish city
I'm very confused, Ulvhild (norwegain name) was Olav's only legitimate child, his son Magnus who became king was with a threll girl (named Alvhild). But I've got to say it was a nice discussion too ha...