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why booli everyone askin
CoL Danish?
When CeRq joined NRG he was inconsistent too. Then he improved with time and now he's one of the best AWPers in the world. How much time has coL had to play together, especially on LAN? I am blindly d...
CoL Danish?
Weak bait. Like, really weak. Nt though.
CoL Danish?
So it sucks to defend a team that hasn't even had that much time to play together, improve, and actually show some results, before starting to cut people left and right? In case you can't read, or ar...
CoL Danish?
How about you go suck on some Astralis or Heroic dick, if you're so much into danish lineups, and leave the coL boys to actually play and improve? K, thanks.
Happy for jks
Agreed, he deserves to win some titles with the rest of the coL boys, such a solid and often underrated player.
Natus Vincere vs Complexity
Mr. Savage has arrived Pog
ZEN 3 performance in CS:GO
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
Expected result, GGWP.
Complexity vs fnatic
GG EZ not even close *sweat drops down next to eyebrow*
Complexity vs NiP
EZ 4 Juggernaut Gaming
Complexity vs Astralis
EZ 4 poizGOD
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
EZ comeback 4 the EG boys. GGWP well deserved, easily the best team in NA right now. Might eventually become the best in the world (again) too, if they keep up improving. I feel like zews brought a m...
MAD Lions vs MIBR
Remember when SK used to be the absolute best team in the world on Train? 17-win streak, etc.? Now they just get roflstomped 16-1 by a mediocre tier2 team on it. Shadow of their former selves...