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Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
EZ Clap
RIP Reckful
RIP Byron, he was such a cool dude, will never be forgotten. Hope he finally found inner peace...
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
He's not fat homie... he's S W O L E
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
Another day in the office for big boi CeRq.
MIBR vs Evil Geniuses
Deserved by EG, well done boys. CeRq had his big boy pants today.
Utmost respect for Jason Lake, he's probably the greatest esports CEO out there. You can see he's always driven by his passion and it shows. All these years since "Redemption" movie was released and h...
Complexity vs Vitality
Hallo doubters, wat doink??? GGWP to the coL boys, they fucking deserve it!
BIG vs Complexity
I think most are mad because it went from something like 14-9 to 14-16, rather than the end result. Otherwise I agree, it was a great game. The coL boys have been shaky online, happy to see they manag...
Dream car mens?
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
CSGO lifespan
Should last easily another 2 to 4 years, maybe more. As long as Valve don't get lazy and just continue to update and polish the game, it should have plenty of life left in it. Not to mention the scene...
G2 vs Natus Vincere
2-0 Liquid in quarters, 2-0 Astralis in semis, 3-0 G2 in final. Talk about a legendary run...
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Well, nexa wasn't kidding when he said they were gonna lose 0-3 in the finals, lmao. Anyways, GGWP Na'Vi, looking super impressive!
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Boomich is eating them alive, lmao.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Both Na'Vi and G2 showing incredible form right now. Everyone on both teams is poppin' off. We have kennyS looking like vintage himself and s1mple in his 2018 godlike-mode. BO5 grand final. Sucks ther...