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NIP vs G2
Yeah but those games weren't too important overall but yeah, that would explain why the odds are so high for G2 right now.
NIP vs G2
If you bet on lounge I would say bet on NiP if the odds stay the same (69-31 for G2) because I think it's like 55-45 for G2 at most, NiP nearly always step up in big moments and G2 haven't really for ...
ScreaM is the best player in the world
Yes I agree too
ScreaM is the best player in the world
tbh, he has only played OpTic, Selfless and NiP in ELEAGUE, so we will wait until he plays better teams, not that NiP are bad but there are better teams, to see if he is the #1 player. No doubt he is ...
Im thinking of suiciding :(
Anything, like a football (soccer) club, rugby club whatever sport you like. Just something to keep you occupied
Im thinking of suiciding :(
Hey man, I don't know you, you don't know me, but we have 1 thing in common, we've had the same experience. I can tell you I was at a similar level of depression/sadness as you are, I felt no one want...
People will say "oh they were low hp" but even still, that was fucking insane.
where's motar2k
He did a stream like 1 month ago of 5000 case opening (or 500 idk)
Best igl?
But THREAT is NiPs igl?
Not like he had 20 average kills vs. Fanatic or anything was it? Lol, nothing special or anything.
French CS 4Head
French CS 4Head
I never said you had to be a pro player you dumb fuck, go join ISIS 3rd worlder.