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3/8 for mentioning the OG G2 no, not that og...
No fantasy for summit?
Because it's literally a joke of a tournament
nazi in my class
most likely just an edgy kid who has no idea what he's talking about it. Either way, ignore him, easy
how is that a reason for disbanding? Getting their players was a pretty small investment, but they nurtured many talents and can easily make profit off it. Not just by playing tier 2-3 events, but by ...
ATK Heroic ??????????????????????????????????
OG overhype thread
Your top 5 games
that was a broken game, you could score from every fucking header
Your top 5 games
1. BF1 2. CS:GO 3. Minecraft 4. AC Black Flag 5. ETS2 Honorable mentions: Far Cry 3 (&5), Watchdogs 1 &2, GTA V, FIFA 13
DZ Rankup tips.
But that's fucking dumb. The point of the gamemode is to survive and be the last one alive. The best way to do that is to only fight when it can't be avoided, so it shouldn't punish us for that
¿ Apple Watch ?
If you're not doing any sports you have your phone with you, so why have another expensive device that does basically the same. A sport watch is only useful if you actually pursue some sports, especia...
Shooting in Czechia
In some ways this is even more brutal. Fortunately only one person was hurt tho
dEvIcE iS cOnSiStEnT
By average you mean a top5 player?
Smartest CSGO player - I rate
Pasha obv my friend
Did you know?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Fake news
Shooting in Czechia
Last week a female teacher was stabbed by a student in a high school in Hungary... when did eu become usa 😣