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CR4ZY stupid team
so you're saying that your favourite team was wrongly eliminated for playing badly in a stacked tournament, where somehow a "stupid" team advanced, beating only shit teams. Sorry, something doesn't ad...
CR4ZY stupid team
but I was told that EU minor is so stacked the worst team could dominate every other minor...
IEM biased?
well it's an NA event, and they're totally objective
I mean they're really not doing well on Inferno, so I would've liked to see it. Of course it's pointless unless they're prepared
Why delay again?
there was no delay. When they say it starts at 21:30 CEST, they mean that the show starts around then. Noone would watch the pregame stuff anyway
who is cr4zy
depends on how you define tiers, but they had some decent results with different rosters
who is cr4zy
they've been tier 2 for some time now. You might remember them as Imperial or Valiance
tfw coldzera was actually the problem
is zews calling?
EU CS in 2k19
americas minor with 3 NA teams and 5 SA teams, and 2 of the NA teams are trash. You might have 2 good team, but the rest is shit. EU top20 could qualify in the americas minor
EU Minor is depressing
Don't forget that vici qualified over North in the last minor play in
hellraisers confirmed in major
Probably Deadfox
Racists have high IQ
Yes, and there are hundreds of other scientists that aren't racists
BIG won’t qualify for the Starladder Major!
obviously, they don't even have a chance to advance from the groups
ENCE is the