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I think they lack a consistent awper. If they had that, they could challenge astralis imo
Their lan results are great, they just suck online. Hopefully they can get through this qualifier because they're really entertaining to watch. I'm sure they could challenge many teams at the major
Congrats device
He has secured that long time ago. I can see hltv putting him over simple
Start with python on codacademy
calm down, he might be coming to faze
6/8 He needs to prove that he can do this consistently against tier 1 on lan. That's obviously a big ask, but people think that he's a top10 player, and he's far from that (for now). I do think howeve...
Astralis... not even close.
Liquid beats a team with s1mple and electronic without breaking a sweat and you don't even credit them? And you're saying astralis is on the top because everyone else is shit, but if you knew how cs w...
Top 3 2019
2) allu 3) aerial EZ
-nitro +tarik
He was the igl when c9 won the major you know
-nitro +tarik
Not bad, but still no awper. -nitro +fallen would be the best one imo
CIS worst region in the world
If the whole cis was nuked, the radiation would be extreme in Finland.
how to KILL a game (the valve way)
Have you heard about trust factor? If you've played for a long time, you won't meet the new accounts. I'm more worried about the people that actually want to start playing now that it's free. They'll ...
Which team is closest to dethroning Astralis?
Yeah ok but let's be honest that team has no future... just read tarik's ig or Twitter post if you don't believe me. Switching to English for a few overrated pugstars was the biggest mistake of fallen...
Which team is closest to dethroning Astralis?
Iirc faze was the last team to beat them in a bo3 (in Chicago). Of course, it was a pointless series, but it seems as though that only has the firepower to compete against the teamwork and synergy of ...
Vitality roster changes
what the fuck is wrong with people on this site. They lost their opponent's map pick and people already want them to make changes? I know, it's pretty usual on this forum, but you gotta chill a bit.