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hutji is cute
hutji is cute
FaZe Curse
we need to see them in a series (or rather multiple series) to judge their decision, but the next match is going to be exciting as well
FaZe Curse
yeah but it's not such a huge change, and I doubt it could work out that well, but we'll see
FaZe Curse
they beat astralis everytime since the addition of niko, apart from the katowice final, after just a few days of practice with niko. And they only became stronger since then. Sk is a big questionmark,...
still think that it wasn't a jinx? ;) btw it probably wasn't, there's no way faze would lose this game, this was one of their weakest map
you just jinxed it (fortunately for me)
SS 1 - 0 SK
yeah, ss might win the pistol round, but they won't win the match
Major Pick em
if you put fnatic, it's the same as mine xcept for the 3-0 (i have vp LUL (don't want to risk the obvious ones))
Poor k1o
Or he just helped his relative with some work. You should rather respect him
Major Giveaway Day 1
North VP Liquid FaZe Astralis G2 Gambit SK
Day 1 Predictions ELEAGUE Major :
Vega winning wouldn't even be an upset
they became magically not shit plenty of time, they're famous of being in and getting out of slumps. And they've always been terrible online. You're right about the last part tho, and that worries me
Yeah I ran over 1900km in 2017, guess I could say I like it
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