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device is not man
cmon hltv bros, falling for such a bad bait omg
Driving exam
i failed 2 times before being approved to get my license. idk how it works where u live but its always worth to take more classes in the car u will be using for the exam
Cold bootcamp is a JOKE
coé joão francisco, tá viajando na maionese
Baitzera Ultra
yeah bro gym body, whatever
Baitzera Ultra
giraffe? device is what, 180cm max? cold 167, dev not that taller than him, both bodybuilders but dev has tiny legs, would probably break with a strong kick
Baitzera Ultra
ofc device gonna say its a lie lmao, imagine crying because toxiczera doesnt want to "forgive" u, so cringe
Coldzera made Device cry
question wasnt about the best player skill wise, but his best teammate, a guy that he can always trust in game and outside it. cold and taco are like brothers, they played together back when both were...
Brazil user English?
could not even spoke broken english no more what a sad word
nt neymar is mibr 5th player
Flusha's career is over?
4 washed up players + Brollan Kick jw and olof and bring 2 young talents, may be a top 10 swedish team
top 20 for 2019
i wanna become black
nt hltv was always like that gtfo
i wanna become black
see ya in ten
14yo pornstar, nice
the most beautiful? lol she looks like the kind of girl that seems "pretty" on photos but is meh irl, also only face pictures. Gabriela is the most beautiful girl in the entire brazilian cs pro scene ...