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Really sad :(
vai tomar no cu
Why conservatism
u r probably baiting at this point, u cant be so dumb to actually belive that communist/socialist government systems would build up a society "where everyone is accepted for who they are, poverty does...
Pronax or Gla1ve?
All Girls Are 8/8
thats not his point men👎👎👎😂😂
All Girls Are 8/8
none of them is being serious and if any of these girls were into them irl they would bang her without even thinking twice. Its HLTV bro, this place is 90% virgin nerds under 20s that do nothing all d...
nice englando broder xD
BRazil crowd
if u watched the tournament u know it wasnt "just straight up trying to call opponents opponents", not even close to that, make ur arguments based on facts pls
BRazil crowd
Rio is a piece of shit, but theres a lot of retards here acting like the crowd benefits only furia with the noise. Both teams can take advantage and it will always happen at tournaments with noisy cro...
BRazil crowd
go fuck urself uneducated europoor
English listening level
cant understand 50% of kendrick lamar songs without reading lyrics
Brasil is progressing
Just a deal between criminal organizations lmao
ah shit here we go again
Already 700millions € donation for Notre Dame
men u are so fucking dumb. Ur right to not give a fuck about the church or its hystorical/symbolical value, ur right to disagree with the amount of donations for rebuild a fucking cathedral, idc aswel...
NVIDIA FreeStyle 1280x1024
amd > nvidia
true stereotypes
leftists dumb