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USA is so fucked up, the hate to white people is turning blacks aiganst whites and whites feminists aiganst normal white people
First the kids and now this, people are evil
twitter SJWs
he cant understand that 99% of the things he uses today is thanks to white people
+21 Masturbating
What a ugly girl wtf
im ugly
The mirror maybe have bad light
im ugly
Half of america is fat the other half have mental problems
Swe Police Logic
You are so innocent i bet you dont have kids, you think this world is a good place and criminals are the victims of the society and they have all the right to rob the people and not get punished. I ha...
Swe Police Logic
wtf are you talking about, majority of the time you dont know if its a simple robbery or someone trying to kill you for some reason ... , i hope you never be a judge. If someone broke in to my house t...
Swe Police Logic
The sad thing is that the law always protect the criminal and never the victim
Swe Police Logic
ahahahah you are funny, if someone breaks in to your house normally they go with a gun and if you react pobrably you get hurt or killed.
What is ACTUALLY happening in France right now
I agree, and i think Marine le Pen would be as bad as Macron
What is ACTUALLY happening in France right now
French trump is good... Italyan Trump, Austrian Trump and Brazilian trump won the elections and the countries didin´t explode like left always said it would.
730k players in game atm
they say that every year
Dead zone queue
+1, the problem i have is fps i get only 150-200 while i was getting 300 stable