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best vertigo team
MIBR never lost on vertigo
overpass.. and.. vertigo
Looks almost as if there are two groups of people with two different oppinions in the same community
Found out about GFs past
Not giving a fuck If relashionship ends =/= not giving a fuck to the person Actually, I strongly advice giving her a lot of fucks
Vertigo SUCKS
I think its just a matter of getting used to it. Eventually people will know the corners and common spots and get use to pre-aim them.
Found out about GFs past
I havent been cheated, but I know what is like to be insecure and its a lot easier once you realize you will have other opportunities and just dont give a fuck (which doesnt mean to be a jerk)
Vertigo SUCKS
So you lost a match on vertigo then
Found out about GFs past
Sounds like youre a really insecure person. Shes with you now isnt she? Why care? Even if she cheats you, just move on to another, whatever.
Vertigo SUCKS
People are biased against it because of the early version released in early CSGO, which indeed sucked. But looks like most people hating it havent actually played in the new version at alll lol.
as much as find aztec casually fun, its the shittiest map as far as competitive games go. Also, this new vertigo is really nice. I think people are biased against it because early CSGO version indeed...
I think it will be the map with the fastest pace of all the pool, so this alone will give it its unique identity to make it standout from others. And its also visually distinctive enough I think.
Your cry isnt. Ill be charging you 50 cents for each tear. Tomorrow Ill be rich already .
Name checks out
A lot higher than cache.
Lol. at people thrashing the map without having ever played it
Have you even played the updated vertigo? Its really good.