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Yep...the problem is that Noah said after that thread against FNS and those tweets to Thorin that KNG would never play in a team owned by him.
Taco is a good player, but, you know when you play FIFA and put a player Overall 85 in a position that he doesn't belong and he turns into a player 74? That's Taco playing as entry.
Not sure too, but they will gain energy (felps is really dull) and pistol force. And the LG lineup is not working as well, so, may be a win-win situation. The time will say,
lol...step by step, right??
G2 no sportsmanship
Once I've heard AWP is OP because is too easy to kill with it, then the problem was TEC-9. Now everybody is saying that AUG's is ruining CSGO. Deagle is ridiculous cuz is one-shot kill and costs only ...
R8 me as a user
I see....probably I'm just way less engaged than you guys in hltv forum.
R8 me as a user
Aren't you a guy??
R8 me as a user
R8 me as a user
How do you guys remember the names of hltv users?
Best Norwegian user
r8 german rap
I'm not a fan of rap, but this's not different from any other boring rap songs.
Lost ability
Definition of advice.
mibr = vp
I'm considering the lineup...LG/SK had their era, if you don't agree, it's your opinion and I don't see any reason to continue with this conversation.
mibr = vp
It's more like fnatic. VP didn't have a long dominant era like fnatic and mibr squad had. And VP never tried to make changes in the lineup. fnatic and mibr did and tried to repeat the same some time a...
Truth About Piercings and Tattoos
Even it being a bait topic... Take care of your own life bro. Keep your thoughts for yourself.