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RAM question
I never go below 200fps anyway so why would faster ram be noticable?
RAM question
My 4790k is still up there in single thread performance atleast.
RAM question
If you think 2-3 fps is noticable then yes, it makes a difference.
RAM question
He is also using a 16 thread cpu which makes it more understandable. PCs with lower cores wouldn't have in any way that high increase in performance. I thank you for the source!
RAM question
3200 Mhz /CL - 18 has lower latency and higher frequency making it better. Doesnt give you any noticable performance in gaming though.
RAM question
Please link the source of that 20-30% performance increase.
RAM question
CL stands for cas latency. It is how fast the memory start responding for the request for data. The lower the better. (Cas Latency/Ram Frequency) x 2000 = Latency in nanoseconds
RAM question
Yes, you can do it. I usually works but mixmatching ram modules can also cause compatibilty issues and crashes. If you use one 3200Mhz and one with 2666Mhz, it will use the lowest common speed availa...