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im 22 shes 30
by what you saying, you the one who never went to a college.
faze is a fluke, everyone calm down
A fluke is one of the most common fish in the sea, so if you go fishing for a fluke, chances are you just might catch one. -Kevin
don't count on skin price droping, with less trading keys, there will be less opening boxes, that leads to less skins on the market, that leads to high prices.. offert x demands
Traveling to EU overrated?
+1 he took out the most important things people search for when travelling, just to try to make NA look interesting, he thinks people travel to see stadiums and starbucks. Typical of muricas trying ...
your team killed 10 innocent lives.. i can rage whenever i want to.
vai se tratar e leva a familia junto, pq isso é problema no DNA. translating: Take yourself to the psichiatrist and bring your whole familt wit you cuz it's a problem within the DNA
vai se tratar mlk.
sao muito bosta. Transalte: murderes of 10 inoccent child
flamenguista is mongoloide mesmo
Brazil is not white
no problem, we'e still 5.940.000 milion behind the numbers of jews german killed just for fun.
America pathetic
Idiot? Man, you're hoping that other countries come together so than your country means something.. it's just sad. We depending on noone, you depends on others.. it's really really sad.. Bye little ...
America pathetic
i live in Rio and wouldn't leave. what matters it's our potential, we're third world and even then we're at 8th.. we have soil, gold, oil, gas, farming etc and etc... The point of the conversation i...
America pathetic
dude, you're lost, nobody in Brazil cares about race or ethnics.. Brazil have 43% brown people, 7% black people and 47% white people..wich means that 50% of brazil's populations are seeing as black. ...
America pathetic
but we can.. We're the 8th economy of the world.. so, we can call anyone after 8th shit...cya.
USA best at soccer??
+1 let him, it's cute.