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ban coldzera FFS
ban coldzera FFS
You do know that humans are also animals, rational animals, right? Not you, at least, since you are trying to offend the guy calling him 'animal'. That just show how dumb you are.
world climate deal
Thats the point.. YOU did not see them. Some did. So...its on you. Nice bait tho.
c9 roster
How they managed to finish last place in a group with this brand new Immortals lineup? It must be terrible to be a c9 fan... lol.
c9 shouldnt be in any top 5 list... not a respectable one. For the lulz, ok, its funny.
Best rivalry in csgo????????????
Nice try, but... no.
One LAN victory in a final match. ONE. c9 still onliners. c9 is just pathetic. I feel bad for stewie, though.
C9, the SK killer.
congrats c9... oh wait.. online...nvm. Still suck.
FNX vs Turok
It wasnt Spain, it was Portugual.... lol. Go back to school.
SK fix
You know exactly what I meant. I know the shithole you call 'home' is in NA, but no one seems to care. Nice try, though.
SK fix
The cucaracha speaking about monkeys... LOL. Good luck trying to sneak your way into america. Trump is watching you.
SK, VP, NIP, Fnatic
NV won a major and a little after, a huge slump. Fnatic is recovering from some bad results lately (kinda?). Maybe it's SK's time to hit the ground. Happens to every good team out there.
Yeah, because im going to argue with a troll who gets off annoying ppl online. Nice try. Now, crawl back to the shithole you belong, potato head. I wont respond to you again, so... bye.
Who said im mad? Because of you? lol... cya kid.