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Says the guy who creates a hate thread! Go check your mental health, something is not right.
Sad for Twistzz );
this is so cringy... holy shit.
What a 'great' achievement...
Is America the best country?
Just look at the president you guys elected. Clearly you are not.
problems with sleep
Maybe try some light exercises before going to bed. Like a short walk, something similar. ASMR videos helped a friend of mine who used to suffer with a severe insomnia problem. Its not for everyone th...
Brazil come
I can ask you the same about "your" country. (yeah yeah we all know you are a fakeflagger, but w/e). Why the fuck would ppl go to Finland? Maybe when then run out of ice.
autimatic best player in the world
That I agree!
autimatic best player in the world
He is a very talented player, I honestly think he could become the #1 someday... right now, I dont think so.
autimatic best player in the world
Maybe in your own little world, sure...
SK excuse?
Idk their excuse, but what is yours? Or did you born a retard? Yeah? K, nothing you can do about it.
k1to banned 1 month
How can you be so sure he didnt mean to say it. Fact is, its done. And I agree with the ban. NT trying to defend the guy tho... lmao
Why are brazilian fans so ..?
Sure, fattie.
Why are brazilian fans so ..?
Yeah, Trump is so poor...look at him, the perfect exemple of the human species.
I wonder where are all the NA fans right now... prolly hidden. I love tarik and stew, but c9 is not consistent enough.