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Miss any old roster?
Old VP indeed. Allu NiP beginnings, with Get_Right and friberg still in form. And olofmeister fnatic. C9 major winning team, although it was really just for that one tournament. Guardian and Zeus ...
I have seen many pro aims over the years. No-ones is as good as Twistzz.. not even s1mple and ZyWoo. He sure is not complete as a player, but once some real IGL shows him how to take full benefit of ...
Have you seen his dm aim? It's insane level. Put him hands of great IGL and he'll be that top5 for sure.
Frankly, it really looks like a lag kill at x0.25 speed.
Allu Responds to Sergej
I definitely agree that decision to remove aleksiB was likely (also?) financial. Realistically only aleksiB, sergej, and allu could bring some buyout money. No point to sell sergej at that point, so a...
Allu Responds to Sergej
I believe aleksiB has already told the truth. He had no idea they were gonna remove him, and he had no bad feelings about anyone in the team. But I do believe this whole thing starts from the way ale...
Allu Responds to Sergej
Likely so. I believe this whole ordeal revolves around the "we decided as a team to move aleksib".. sergej was friends with both, aleksiB and allu, before the move. Likely allu used some "influence"...
Allu Responds to Sergej
More like this: - sergej and aleksiB were good team mate friends from HAVU - sergej and allu bond as team mate friends during early phases of ENCE - aleksiB and allu start irritating each other - all...
jks LAN monster. Just wait and see.
What happened: sergej's balls descended and they turned out to be way bigger than allu's
More than likely -chrisJ +suNny.
delay BLAST
I am pretty sure one can opt out of tournament, if the contracts are not what you want. I guess this will be easy money for NaVi and OG.