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The filter is the most comfortable part to digest.
Dust2 boring?
lol no. Just 5 player rushes on B or 4 through cat and one from long and you can easily win any round as long as CTs are not well coordinated and stacked with utility.
Currently very T sided. I have seen so many double digits comebacks on T side that it is stupid. But I assume it will even out over time.
Dust2 boring?
Nuke was great. Not so sure about current iteration, maybe the next update of moving vents makes it a bit better. I think they should have made some real change on dust2. My change would have been cl...
Yeah, these -someone over one off game or even off tournament are stupid. ropz is still one of the best players. Hopefully he can collect himself up after that.
Still on triple OT :D
He had like 11 kills adn 33 ADR on double overtime. He made really poor position selections and couldn't really aim anywhere either.
Ofc, but his play just looks very weird. Like his brains do not work or something.
Defintely not overrated. He is just totaly missing in this game.
Definetly not himself today.. maybe sick or still in sleep.
mousesports vs Liquid
Liquid is very good at mirage. They have won teams like FaZe on it.. and I think previously have gotten mouz very close if not even beaten there.
mousesports vs Liquid
TBF, liquid and mouz have pretty much exactly the same map pool, only separating being that mouz plays nuke by default.
mousesports vs Liquid
mouz won't win anything, if only suNny plays up to the level they should play.
mousesports vs Liquid
oskar and ropz so bad.. would really imagine saying that ever :D
mousesports vs Liquid
suNny carry.. just like the ENCE days.