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They were in semis on DH stockholm, so probably not gonna be out of top10 any time soon. ESL NY likely will show direction where they are going. This 3 lost bo1s against NiP, MIBR, and FaZe honestly ...
FaZe NiKo calling yep I'd imagine FaZe will get NBK after major.
suNny, DHS: 1.17, Faceit Major: 1.13 ropz, DHS: 1.18, Faceit Major: 0.89 oskar, DHS: 1.08, Faceit Major: 0.87 snax, DHS: 0.98, Faceit Major: 0.69 ChrisJ, DHS: 1.02, Faceit Major: 0.93 Yeah, suNny so ...
If mouz...
STYKO has tendency to play one map in tournament like a god. Then he whiffs the easiest shots. mouz has never been particularily good on bo1s. Especially oskar and chrisj seem to always sleep first m...
mousesports possibly going 0-3
Obviously NaVi has had even harder pull so far, but they are now 1-1, so they'll likely get easier from here on.
mousesports possibly going 0-3
mouz has so far had the worst luck with opponents, so definitely possible to face faze. Who would win mouz vs faze, I would actually favor mouz, as faze probably will have way more pressure on 0-2 ga...
I have been with CS since 1999, so to me it already feels like it has been here forever, and it has just gotten bigger and bigger all the time. The player amounts of 1.6 dropped at some point heavily,...
Kinguin vs ENCE
Pls ENCE, do not screw up this time.
Indeed. But this is the prime time to put the huge hours on the game. So does he has the motivation for top10 player is the question. And pretty sure CS will be here in 2 years still. It is still the...
He is pretty inconsistent. Will be interesting to see that can he get his lows higher. His highs are definitely enough high, but he also drops off too often. It has been a bit worrying that he has so...
ENCE vs Imperial
Not thorwing. They just always choke on important games. Always.
ENCE vs Imperial
Uh, hate to be this correct. Pls, ence, stop throwing man advantages away.
ENCE vs Imperial
Choke incoming as usual.
ENCE vs Imperial
This should have been the final. Lets see will ENCE choke as usual.
North has this thing where all of their players manage to do well for one tournament. Then aizy, MSL, valde and now Kjaerbye go to bot mode for a about year.