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ENCE vs LeftOut
Gonna be tough minor as only two will qualify to major qualifier... ENCE, LeftOut, Optic, kinguin at least capable to get there, maybe red reserve as well.
Pansy is great. She does not take casting too seriously
Yeah, they are 4 months old team. If they can just fix those small mistakes and get more experience, this team can be solid top10 team. But at the moment they still make inexperienced mistakes, like ...
As I said, it was won only on experience. If it had been normal zeus only hold + maybe someone else, ENCE would have probably took the site and left with man advantage for retake.
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
Indeed. In that sense more experience IGL would have done dry push on A. But it is easy to say from here.
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
The problem was that the rush b in that point was too predictable. Otherwise it was a good risk to take, as zeus is the one keeping b.
Exploiting zeus is a good tactic. Maybe a bit wrong time for that, but since they had one map lead, it was reasonable, especially as they had pushed A so long. Only downside was that Zeus reads those...
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
Apparently NaVi has aim day, so very hard to win team, when even Zeus can hit shots.
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
EZ4ENCE, but pretty sure s1mple will be s1mple and carry NaVi over ENCE.
He kinda is, but he seems to get rolling on the last maps always, so maybe it is just some old timer rust.
ENCE vs mousesports
Looking at ENCE's game, they have very strong team play on T and tactical take on it. Their problems have been in on CT side and making sometime questionable plays and a bit too aggressive pushes. If ...
imagine this ence
TBH, allu is the worst player on ENCE at the moment. He just has the experience to keep him relevant for Finnish scene.
allu on revenge
SERGEJ? 33-14
It is easy when you have no pressure from succeeding.
ENCE vs mousesports
Cache is their worst and mirage is right next indeed. 1. inferno 2. overpass 3. nuke 4. train 5. dust2 6. mirage 7 cache.