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I think he actually is decent IGL. Pretty inconsistent AWPer though.
Lurppis totally overreacted
They had just talked about how pro players throw money away with that kinda stupid plays.
Valiance vs Chaos
This grux has very weird reads... definitely word.exe installed.
csgo boring
There was an astralis era, but they seem to have cooled down now a little. I'd expect IEM chicago to be top quality.
Three (3) Caster
Nice to hear Semmler casting again, although I never really considered him particularily good, but he's still a great caster over some other casters who are now regular.
Pretty sure FaZe is currently keeping NiKo IGL on trail and karrigan is basically done, if NiKo's IGL is enough good for them to succeed. But if it is not, maybe karrigan will get another chance.
ENCE vs HellRaisers
Why on earth ENCE keeps on playing mirage, as they suck hard on T side there. Why?
ENCE vs HellRaisers
Still got eliminated by this "FLUKE" team you call.
ENCE vs HellRaisers
Cologne top8 DH Montreal top2 Starladder top1 Sure just fluke.
ENCE vs HellRaisers
ENCE would rekt everybody, if they would just not make so many stupid mistakes on man advantage situations.
ENCE vs HellRaisers
Umm.. ENCE still wants to play mirage?? They have totally bombed out the mirage T side now in last two games.
FaZe vs ENCE
ENCE should start ban mirage, and play cache instead. Their T side on mirage is 90% of the games too shit.
Snax was the problem
Not true, suNny gave many of his positions to Snax.