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OG LINEUP I don't think the problem is that sold account VAC, but rather mismatch with the team. Jamppi has a personality, which might not really match wit...
OG considering mantuu for their team
It is sometimes hard to believe that Aerial factually is in medical school.
ban DrDisrespect
TIL that yelling "Cyka Blyat" as non CIS is racism. Chinese are not a race. This is same level as someone calls Americans fat and gun crazy.
Top 5 worst roster moves in history
1. Whenever mouz -chrisJ (maybe this time it would actually make sense) 2. FaZe -karrigan +NiKo IGL 3. ENCE -aleksiB +suNny 4. whenever +s1mple 5. mouz -suNny -oskar 6. Fnatic <-> Godsent swaps VP, C...
Astralis always chokes in Denmark.
Brollan english
His english is good, but if that sort of thing is nervous for people who have not been using the language much. I mean, his interview went much better than xseven's first one.
RIP Jamppi
I have not claimed that Jamppi or Poizon would be better than other. But Jamppi also does well in FPL and his level does not drop no matter what sort or opponent there is.
RIP Jamppi
Did you even read the story? Even he says it is a guess and probably only one of the reasons.
RIP Jamppi
If you read the DeKays report he says multiple source guess it is ONE of the reasons. Likely it is the only reason they know.
RIP Jamppi
How is exactly this explaining for Jamppi, if I indicate that he might not have fitted the team?
RIP Jamppi
I don't think either. Probably DeKay just pulling it out his hats, or it is something the source pulled from their hat, as they do not know everything. It could well be that the OG lineup trailed him...
RIP Jamppi
If you have proven VAC on CSGO, no minors and no majors for you. And yes, Volvo does not even care if it is done as a 12 yo kid.
RIP Jamppi
RIP Jamppi
Poizon is way too inconsistent. Really low lows, a new WorldEdit basically.