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coldzera joins 00Nation
I find it absolutely hilarious that they use highlight clips from 2016 to hype up the signing of a tier4 player
Tyloo will win
can confirm this is true being from great britain
Am I the only one that thinks all his highlights were very lucky... There is some skill involved but most of those spray downs are just lucky that they lined up. Even the jumping awp play, so much lu...
UFC 266
the one he had an arm with his neck so it wasn't as deadly but the fact that he survived those submissions holy F im glad i watched it
RBG vs Mythic
imagine mythic gaming picking up 'Slugyy' who got caught on twitch saying he would shoot up a synagogue when racism right now is a big thing
I hate how all he does is hold 'shift' all game long, he never sprints he only walks. #SHIFTISLAW
Weight Loss Update 2
How did you go from 1.8m 20 days ago to 180m now
Dignitas spoil MICHU’s EG debut in FunSpark ULTI Europe Final
EG didn't want MICHU stats too look bad so they made sure to not out perform him in this loss, OBO just said fug it.
ESEA suspends five players implicated in leaked recording
You know the best part about these people is they probably lack education because they've played this game continuously non stop for so long, it's great to know they will struggle to pursue some bette...
french scene no depth?
dephh plays valorant so no they have no dephh
honestly just made me cringe knowing sinatraa is into that baby voice lmao
SKDC vs Extra Salt
Dust2 reached out to OCEAN about the results of today's match and all he had to say was "pepehands kekw".
SKDC vs Extra Salt
teams twistzz could go
TWISTZZ announced he retiring to play valorant.