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LOL COLDZERA #11, buddy is #20 at most.
SG-553 balancing sugestion
should just make it 4000$ so teams can't buy it round 2 after bomb plant.
Won 20 000e
I wouldn't necessarily say BTC will go up, but what is making it go down? To me it is a random investment that has the highest volatility that the world has seen. It is more of a fun investment to se...
Sadokist "CeRq its top 5 awpers"
KennyS is hard to skip, but his inconsistency and the team's lack of ability to identify who is the dedicated awper (G2) makes it hard for me to put him in the list, as much as I love watching KennyS
Sadokist "CeRq its top 5 awpers"
Probably, 1. Zywoo 2. Simple 3. Device 4. Cerq 5. Woxic These players usually hit those fast reaction shots that are vital to an awper's playstyle. In terms of roles too, these are AWPERS where m...
Why is YAY without a team?
there is a balance between new players and recycling old players for profit. I.E nothing is reputable and can boost complexity's sales in products and stuff, knowing that complexity is unlikely to win...
Why is YAY without a team?
he got cucked out of complexity for rickeh and nothing xD
R8 my shitty 180º
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vE8eZjmGgE what you think about this one?
good luck, share to first 10 to reply
(SPOILERS) if you watched Hunter x Hunter 2011 come here...
meh thats one of the better parts, but the anime/manga just got so boring when it took 3-5mins explaining something in the most bizarre way like "HLTV users swarm by the billions, the amount they typ...
(SPOILERS) if you watched Hunter x Hunter 2011 come here...
its so bad, they try to introduce these thing called 'nen beasts/spirits' to these random characters they pulled out of their asses, the story doesn't revolve around Gon or Killua at all, instead it f...
(SPOILERS) if you watched Hunter x Hunter 2011 come here...
You think that is bad? read the manga and see how shitty the series has become. cant understand any of it.
NIP 8-2 Never forget
Seems like more people watching this than epicenter xD
INB4 Scream/Kio tweet of word.exe