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i5 11400f
it all depends on price and avaliability on your area. no point discussing things you can't buy, remember that. check stores first, see what they have and the price, then do internet research and weig...
i5 11400f
you haven't been watching them for a long long time. amd is beating the shit out of intel in games too. plus their cpu consumes double the power.
im starting to feel bad for c9
Why would you even pick uk cs for your team? HenryG let his national pride take the best of him. You can't build a juggernaut with uk cs, so that's already off the table. The price he paid for these p...
Dev1ce the brazilian Tom Cruise
Best player to ever grace csgo, according to Gaules. Too bad people will say he hates him now.
Brazilians & racism
The problem is, black people are selling their music where they say "nigga" 100x/minute to white teenagers, then when white kids call their friends "nigga" they get get beaten up in an alley. Don't wa...
Brazilians & racism
Rlewis is a great investigative reporter. He's just an useless drunk middle-age guy for eveything else tho.
Brazilians & racism
Brazilians: > complain about racism and xenophobia against them Also one dude from Brazil: https://twitter.com/RLewisReports/status/1278425917405233155?s=19 Fer is a moron, he was a moron when he st...
Serious Mouse Problem
you got baited then
Trump is dumb.
Funny because "people" he's referring to is Thorin, who called out fallen and posted videos and clips and said the burden of proof was on fallen and not him. So thorin can do it but not fallen.
Blast is pathetic
Nice reverse logic, I can comment again and again and still be just playing with you. The hate emanates from you like big red waves.
Blast is pathetic
Easy there big boy, take a chill pill