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RIP Female sports
Tbh, I think the question is deeper than what chromossomes you have. For example, we have XY women that are imune to testosterone. Ever since they were fetus, testosterone never had any effect on thei...
FaZe fallen
Well, Fallen played well yesterday, against NA ofc. But Guardian is much more consistent right now. What is the point of having Fallen if he won't main awp? It's not like his tactics are doing miracle...
your gpu and how much you paid for it
RX 580 8GB Paid around $250 last month, converting from BRL.
Are traps gay?
I don't know that confuses me xD
Are traps gay?
If their brain is similar to females, which can be seen by scans, I believe they are not gay themselves, only if they like girls. But for a man to know they were men and still gets attracted to them I...
Are traps gay?
You mean if they are gay themselves or if it's gay to like them?
UFC livestream?
So I'm gay cause I like to watch young, strong, sweaty men wrestling each other on the floor? Lol nice try noob xd
Natus Vincere vs G2
oh true man
Natus Vincere vs G2
I aren't think that Mr baguette
Natus Vincere vs G2
Why NaVi always has to lose first map? Can't we have a 2:0 with these boring fuckers?
best german beer
Franziskaner Weissbier Dunkel
Miami crowd
It's cool because people come from all EU countries since Germany is in the middle of it all.
Miami crowd
I'd say German is the best when it comes to imparciality and crowd quality. UK quality is bad, while Portugal has quality but tends to cheer for mibr.
steam off, article 13
It's off in Brazil too... And a bunch of non-EU countries. https://steamstat.us/
EUA and Brazil
Estados Unidos "da" América in PT.