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Hello, my name is slyde123 and thank you for viewing my profile.

I love to write posts, I love to interact and have well-thought out conversations with others. I don't like disrespectful people and I don't like witch-hunters either. I have many hobbies in general, so never hesitate to PM me to chat. :)

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holy fuck valve.
I feel like SWAG if he got unbanned his motivation could increase.
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
I agree I would love NIP to win another major but that seems unlikely. But I mostly wanna see GTR make a resurgence. But that seems very unlikely at this point.
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
Great read and I would Absolutely agree with your last two points. Keep up the good posts man ^>^
37-34 on fpl Oo
Lmao, Drakan is a god ^>^
suNny is on the way to join HR
This would make more sense then ENCE IMO, even though I think Sunny would be an upgrade to their team, they just made the finals of a major. They have to stick around for awhile.
Can Agree, HLTV was once a nice place. I went away for awhile and now I can't even make fourm posts even though I NEVER shitpost.
ropz 145 hours past 2 weeks
Welp, Hope he keeps working.
best users?
Would have to Say, Not ironically. Jonty.
suNny potentially going to ENCE
Who would he replace? They just made the Finals of a major, I would think they would wanna stick with it for awhile.
Top 20 2019?
What about F0rest? Or maybe REz?
Proof that Everest isnt real
G r a v i t y? Either way We don’t fall because Earth is a big ball that keeps that form because of gravity. If not for gravity, Earth could be a flat disk; that’s why a lot of flat-earthers deny th...
Danger Zone
I haven't been able to find a match. Last time I waited for 10+ Minutes to no avail. How come I can't Find a match In US East at 4 pm on a Saturday?
Zion Williamson or RJ Barrett ??
I agree with Kevin he is a really good fit for the modern NBA
OpTic fix
Would be n i c e.
Hm, I didn't hear about this.