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(2) Why do you guys hate my country?
I don't know why but I keked so hard after looking at your account name :D You made my day - Thank you :)
GTX 1060 issue
From what I see on the web a lot of people have similar problems with 10X0 cards and CSGO... such a shame wanted to buy that card for other games besides CS but if it's faulty then mehhh. BTW you migh...
GTX 1060 issue
If you say it's that good then I'm out of ideas. Try playing with the nvidia settings, make sure it's on performance and no vsync, no power saving options etc. There was a post on Reddit how to set yo...
GTX 1060 issue
Did you do a clean OS install after you swapped the GPUs? Sometimes Nvidia drivers leave some shit in the registry and other Windows settings.
coldzera is a legendary player
Calling someone braindead after pointing out your mistakes - fine example of user right there :D But I'll try one more time to show you how wrong you are. Even if you add your magical "unti...
coldzera is a legendary player
Implying "GREATEST season ever" after a few of years of competitive CS:GO just shows your level of thinking. Please stop feeding this troll
coldzera is a legendary player
Considered a 1.6 legend. He like a lot of other really good players didn't adapt well to CS:GO
VP not to win major anymore
Ayyy.... The polish englandooo very nie dobry :( I'm out ^peace
Astralis is annoying me
He is actually a decent person if you get to know him - but he studied LAW and it changes some people to be more (lets say) focused on themselves...
Astralis is annoying me
true ... Taz always had a character...
TaZ/VP fans tweets
Thing with social media is that .... it's just social media. You can write anything and interpret how you want it. Taz might be salty after the loss and can't blame him after playing so good in the se...
VP could have one the series at least 2 times - one time on Overpass and on Train. On Overpass Xyp destroyed them with great plays (including 1HPv2) and on Train they choked AF. Sad that VP lost but r...
Did you get any drops?
I got 2 drops - they were my first drops since started watching Majors regularly from 2015. The first one was cobble (VP vs Optic with Snax) and I really considered selling it but decided to open sinc...
your IQ ?
Over 9000!!! Is that good? I think its great
Your fav alcoholic drink?
From most to least favorite: 1. Whiskey on two ice cubes - preferably Irish e.g. Jameson or Tullmore Dew - can't get much in Poland :( 2. Beer - IPA, APA or Saison - mostly from limited breweries,...