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great game if you didnt play farcry 3/4/primal
Csgo pros who say "like" the most
that bored, huh?
PS5 hype
I think he forgot that consoles are strictly amd for cpu+gpu. Nvidia partnerships for consoles are unheard of with the exception of the switch
PS5 hype
Actually not retarded. Bought a switch on launch and a ps4 only because it was 200 dollars with 2 games and ps+(scam), wouldn't have bought it otherwise.
You could make the same argument about irl topic and not wanting to see them on HLTV. With that being said, the game looks boring as shit.
Corona spread
This map also includes companies such as fedex, ups, and amazon's fleet of planes for packages. Not only civilian flights.
csgolive profit
Congratz on your gambling addiction, leave while you can.
Amazon - da fuck is this?
I thought the same thing, bought a 9700k "Brand New" but the box was opened when i received it. No Open box tag that i've seen.
Amazon - da fuck is this?
Someone returned it before you and amazon added it to their new inventory.
MAD Lions vs Renegades
I'm hoping that this is a joke considering the 60% markup
Intel dying
Funny how they talk shit considering it's the first time AMD is on top in over a decade. They act like intel wont have a response for more than a year. What about the last 10 years when intel was the ...
i'm new to netflix
weeds is great and the office if you somehow haven't seen that yet
Ground Zero vs Bizarre
$509 for first place for the whole team
Ground Zero vs Bizarre
That's fucking terrible, you're telling me that they couldn't throw more money into the pool?