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ENCE vs FaZe
Hindsight is 20/20. And lets be real, Faze lost that map by making stupid decisions.
ENCE vs FaZe
Why the fuck is Ence banning Vertigo in the first round? Faze is not going to pick it so there is no point banning it. Ence should have banned Dust2, because that is map Ence will lose.
ENCE vs FaZe
There is 0 sense to ban Vertigo first. Neither team plays it, neither team will pick it. ENCE ban Dust2, they can't play or gamble on this map. Faze ban Train, Faze can't play Train and it's ENCEs be...
ENCE vs Winstrike
Aerial should wake the fuck up or ENCE doesn't get through this stage. Your star player can't be bottom of the stats for two days in a row. His aim is nowhere near where it should be. Each kill takes ...
ENCE vs Movistar Riders
Fuck this shit. I didn't bet anything so I have no money on line, but for a professional match you play professionally every game, instead of throw games like this. I wouldn't even complain if ENCE wo...
Why the fuck was Allu so aggressive on CT side? Stupid plays dying one by one. I would guess they threw the match to either help Jymy or they had some cash bet for it.
Out of recent matches, ENCE has won the teams BIG faced with bigger margins, plus winning Optic, which BIG lost to. I would expect the series to go 2-1 for ENCE.
Spirit vs ENCE
Sign a coach, start losing. Either Twista is toxic as fuck, or just bad influence. Either way the solution is obvious.
Spirit vs ENCE
Cologne ENCE would have smoked Spirit, but ENCE today? No fucking way.
Spirit vs ENCE
Shitty coach, I would guess some motivational issues because of that, and the team chemistry is gone.
Tricked vs ENCE
Since Twista joined as a coach, what has ENCE won? Pretty much nothing. I have a feeling the motivation inside the team is beyond horrible, and it's not getting any better without a change.
ENCE FIX ?!??!?!?!?
Get rid of the igame coach twista. Easy solution.
They hired a shitty coach. Twista joined the team and now they have sunk to a igame level.
With ENCE recent results I'm fully expecting some 16-2 win for LDLC.
Enyoy vs HAVU
No, he won't. If you haven't noticed yet, the players who are going to be in ENCE are not playing in their teams right now. Meaning aleksib, aerial, and sergej. Ottond is stuck in Havu.