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Here 4 good cs Kappa.
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I almost sure tylul will win. And not because of level of playing (vici played better then them), but because g2 playing like 1st time in big event. So many mistakes, so many peaks 1by 1, random runs ...
bye ViCi ROFL
I getting flashbacks from yesterday's match against vitality
Astralis, fnatic - no era
They used other teams being pretty bad that time, so dont count
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
Also you (and many people) messing up with calling it "homophobia". We dont have a phobia of homo people - we dont scare of them. Instead we dont like them.
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
Maybe because homosecos are too loud? Have you love inside you and dont translate it to public. But anyways, 2 hairy gorillas having x together - disgusting.
(18+) in love with my boss
Didn't you read i was talking about russia, you 10yo blind dummy?
Im going to McDonalds
Some vegan food please
(18+) in love with my boss
35>20 basically
(18+) in love with my boss
So you think it is better to live with 20yo hoe, that goes to clubs then dreenks and sleeps with whatever men she finds (and dont sleep with you), than live with experienced mature (half mature, since...
(18+) in love with my boss
Stupid women, always giving out hints and cant just initiate relationship.
Believe in god!
Believe in god!
god did not make people, people made him. Same as spaghetti monster. And noone seen it irl, same as spaghetti monster. So there is no god/monster. Dont mess with logic. You can believe in flying teapo...
Believe in god!
No i am an atheist. Spaghetti monster and god basically same man made funny thing. I don't believe in extraordinary things like this.
Believe in god!
Do you believe in spaghetti monster?
Asian knows his Chinese comrades from tyloo, thta why he got 72 kills.