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Liquid best NA team ?
uh not really bro
leftists explain
I mean im a leftie but I don't agree with every policy of the left, like I think personally that AA is pretty dumb, but I can't support republicans because of all the retarded shit thats going on
Liquid vs Cloud9
jdm64 killed Stewie2k with molotov_projectile lmao
SK vs Cloud9
c9 throwing lmao
I don't think u understand that Sk with fnx was so much better than sk with felps
Cloud9 vs NiP
it's kinda rough to be an awper in a system of aggression+ really unorthodox play where ska is usually the last guy to clutch against multiple players. I get that's not really an execuse for ska to mi...
CLG vs Immortals
You're actually stupid fns didn't even shit talk immortals, he shit talked his own team for being so bad that they they lost to "hungover" players. Also, just because FNS sucks doesn't mean what kng d...
VP on inferno?
even if we disregard that point, 3-7 on cache 2017? stop being a blind fanboy and see that your team currently sucks ass on cache
VP on inferno?
im not even saying vp is shit lmao, just that they aren't good on cache
VP on inferno?
wow man, beating a fnatic in shit form who would remove two players after the major is totally impressive
VP on inferno?
but i've literally told you that VP is 3-7 on the map in 2017 so how can you say they are good on it?
VP on inferno?
i'm not stupid, it doesn't matter what the old kinguin was or wasn't losing 0-16 means you aren't good on that map