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wanted to get 696969 but I failed ;(
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Best Majors
Cologne 2014/15, Katowice 2015 and Atlanta 2017
Legend Status
Valve sent out the invites in Dota 2, they should be involved in the same way for CS Majors
Legend Status
Legend status should be abolished completely, invite the 8 best teams 2 months before the Major instead
pyth-maikelele-pronax ?
tier 4
BR scene situation
-TACO -felps +boltz +steel imagine that, the first LG roster but much stronger than that time
Immortals Potential Roster?
+SHOOWTiME +chelo +yeL
why fnatic and nip s*cks nowadays
mate, you're delusional or you're baiting
why fnatic and nip s*cks nowadays
I mean Gambit did beat FaZe and Astralis right after, so idk about them sucking
why fnatic and nip s*cks nowadays
rofl 0/8
why fnatic and nip s*cks nowadays
Mirage vs Na'Vi, Train vs Gambit? they haven't played enough LANs either
HLTV Ranking after New York
SK made semis of a large tournament, G2 got no result this week
2017 Majors
DH Malmo >= ELEAGUE Major >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PGL Krakow
fnatic and NiP
they should've combined their rosters into one great superteam
Top 15 teams of September 2017
Well NiP and C9 haven't played the ELEAGUE Premier yet, and neither NiP nor fnatic were at ESL NY to make a good comparison to C9. Pro League is irrelevant, online CS is bullshit 90% of the time.
Top 15 teams of September 2017
How can you say C9 > fnatic > NiP? C9 and fnatic went out in groups at Malmo, NiP made top 4. Sure C9 made it to the playoffs of ESL NY, but they looked like gold novas once they got there. Maybe we h...