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JW vs NiP or you know just directly link the youtube video like a normal internet using human
Are you okay?
ESWC Anders & semmler stream?
they're casting on eswc's cs channel.
cArn and Xizt
because carn took xizt under his wing and then xizt betrays the fnatic brand and joins NiP
Heaton and carn
I so hope this happens. Im really sick of hearing about cs pros that haven't played counter-strike in almost 7 years. They aren't relevant anymore.
Heaton and carn
HeatoN is easily one of the most overrated terrible cs players on the planet. If you watch the most recent pov demos of heatoN (2006/07) which is the time when cs really started to evolve and become m...
Logitech G400
1800dpi 4/11 1.4 ingame but use whatever you like :)
Outside of the teams sponsored by razer, mouz + mandic, I don't think too many players. I know Zeus used one until his team was sponsored by SS.
walle interview part 2!
put it on youtube please so i can watch from work :D
In my opinion, he does have right to be upset. Think about it - this team wouldn't beat WinFakt on LAN, and for a big tournament, like this, it would be frustrating to get onlined by someone. He might...
I've cheated...
have your bestfriend fuck her
US counter strike scene
It's slowly progressing back to where it was. These recent roster changes, which spread the talent in NA across multiple lineups, will definitely rekindle the scene. Which, hopefully, translates into ...