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FACEIT Premium ?
I was like 1300/1400 elo i got to 2700 elo in faceit premium and only soloq. I have some advice for you. - Never be toxic - Give simple calls - Deathmatch A LOT if you lost 400 elo its not only your ...
disband real fix
berlin legends
i didn't say vitality will win major or bet on vitality ? Where did you read that ? btw zywoo will carry for sure and they are already practicing when all other teams are in vacation.
ANGE1 never won a major. Liquid are the best without a major. you are retarded Good sheep "all people" agree with you so you have right Now i will not answer you more because you don't have arguments ...
berlin legends
wtf men)))) its more like flag and flair checks out for you its you who want to bet liquid not me
fps too low
mad cuz of taxes ? or because i didn't spend my money in a computer that i don't need ? Maybe go outside and you will see you can buy other things than a computer like a car, a house maybe. Spending m...
i can send you an itw in french where he say why he got kicked but you will probably don't undestand and say that i lie faze reached top 1 with karrigan just before astralis era
you don't even know why happy got kicked, you don't watch interview and then you talk about players btw faze with karrigan was good the problem was just that astralis was above everyone
Omg you are idiot. Omg hobbit said he is 2nd best lig on CIS so he is the second ? Tell me with how much LIG hobbit has played ? (dosia, ange1 and zeus). By the way, he said zeus is on another level s...
ANGE1 is trash and fuckin overrrated, do you watch hellraisers game ? he still in HR because he owns parts of the company. There is great player in HR but they can't reach top 10 because of ANGE1. Hap...
Uk cs lul
OCEAN is trash
Keoz was thr first choice instead of roden but he didn't accept
M4A4 vs M4A1-S
nt S1mple