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Smartphone advice
i love note cuz i love to have the s-pen in some cases. But if you think you don't need a pen, then s9+ is a good choice. Iphone 8+ is just old. Design is old and you can't even compare screens.
i'd wait few months for ryzen 3000 series. But if you want cpu atm, then intel is mostly better for gaming, but for cs intel is "alot" better. But ryzen has much better price to performance ratio. If...
new monitor
So dont use gaming mode? A word "Gaming" doesn't make you or a product any better.
fejtz aimlock
Well, i think it was just a quick flick, can't expect that to be perfect flick. Imo seems like it was just a panic flick and then he corrected his crosshair position.
Apple AirPods
Just a little sweat or rain is enough
Apple AirPods
Doesn't sound better with iphone, theres still no water resistance, still can lose them easily
Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods
Well go figure, you can use sportbuds for everyday use
Apple AirPods
tell me 1 apple product that is good. You can get "neckbuds" that are better and are made for sports(sweat proof, etc.) AirPods sound shit compared to its price.
PC HELP please
Ryzen 7 or i7-8700k is good, ryzen has good stock cooler, so you dont have to waste your money if you are not even going to overclock cpu. get ddr4 ram and mobo hdd is slow and small, 1TB 7200rpm is f...
If we are talking about CS, then Get_Right and f0rest are definitely best players to ever touch the game.
need chill game
terraria is fun
Ninja wow
i mean its better than nothing. 1 guy donates $1k when 100k+ people donate $10k. what do you expect? That he has to donate 70% of his money? why wont you do it? Have you ever even donated?
cuz middle east has oil/drugs
you cunts started the vietnam war, then pussied out