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lmao mibr BTFO
Liquid vs Ze Pug Godz
Grim is a fucking GOD
HenryG delusional
Being the best player on the best team of the world automatically puts you into the discussion of best player in the world. Can you really call s1mple the best player in the world right now when his ...
Yes, I think FaZe have the most potential to meet Astralis level of skill. Olof has been playing quite bad recently though, they could definitely consider replacing him with a better support player. B...
Yep. Liquid also live all across NA instead of a gaming house so the ping is really bad for some of them when the play. Twistzz is West Coast, NAF is east coast. Nitr0 is central US. It probably affec...
Haha, I miss the days when Liquid was able to take maps off of Astralis and they were near equal on the server. Was fun to see Astralis at the top with a real rival. Now Liquid are obsessed with Valo...
What do you want them to do? Make it BO5 with no advantage? G2 would just get their shit stomped on a third map. It makes no difference. Astralis is just the best team ever to touch CS GO
KFC>>>mc donalds
top 10 players from your contry
idk about naf below autimatic... decent list otherwise would put nitr0 before nifty and s0m too
top 10 players from your contry
Canada: 1. naf 2. twistzz 3. stanislaw 4. daps 5. steel 6. azk 7. shroud 8. tenz 9. wardell 10. subroza
Best Deagle Player?
niko for sure
What map should cache replace?
Curious what parts of cache you don't like?