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your phone?
Does the job. I'm not a big phone guy. I only got it because my last phone (samsung S6 edge) stopped charging after 3 years. I like the call screening feature though. Most annoying telemarketers just...
your phone?
pixel 3 xl
top 20 100% correct
navi haven't accomplished anything this year though, the basically didn't play for the first half of 2019 except for starseries s7, and this list is for all of 2019
top 20 100% correct
electronic over zywoo, s1mple, elige and device? wat
144 or 240hz??
27" 144hz 2560x1440 good for anything
top 5 beautiful countries
scotland is nicer than ireland
I still think the SG will be used even if it was bumped to $3500 and fire rate lowered to 600 rpm (same as AK). It will still be better than AK close range versus armored enemies. The 666 RPM it has ...
They should lower the fire rate to the same as AK. it doesn't make sense that it's better than the AK long and mid/close range.
(Strawpoll) Krieg Nerf?
Increase price to 3500 andd lower the fire rate to same as AK = FIXED
If they increase the price to 3500 AND reduce the fire rate to AK. It is better than AK for long range because of scope, but no longer as good close range since slower move speed and since the fire ra...
No, increase price to 3300-3500, reduce fire rate to AK levels and we good.
Renegades vs Evil Geniuses
how much?
holy fuck
Liquid vs Singularity
Liquid don't look like they're having fun playing with each other anymore. Roster move inc
Best roster possible
gla1ve (igl + support) elige (entry) zywoo (awp) s1mple (rifler) device (rifler) maybe drop device for a more support player, but I think device could play a more supportive role in this lineup. same...