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how do you mean "I admit it" hahahahaha, theres nothing to admit, hes a fucking good player thats it
prove it or i will kill u.
sign of weakness, childish, lies and unprofessionalism
Best politician ever?
true, in the netherlands we also consider turkey a 3rd world country, fkn 3rd worlders LOL
lets make a story
Prison Break
its really good, especially the first 2-3 seasons, after that its just kind of stalling
Drop school to play csgo?
If you have serious talent, like stewie2k who became pro with just 2000 hours, then yes u should because you have serious talent which increases your chance on becoming a pro obviously. If you are LE ...
terrorist attacks in Poland
scam, i lost my dog by clicking on it
most toxic scenes
1. Netherlands i hate these fkn autistic pieces of shit (yes its my own country)
GOT ep6 (spoilers)
dead people are unrealistic, undead dragons are unrealistic, the big wall is unrealistic, 7 years of winter is unrealistic, game of thrones is unrealistic, but its cool :)
faceit bullshit
so you "destroy the experience of all faceit players" hahahahahaha dude get yourself checked you're mentally ill
faceit bullshit
"and ruin the experience of all faceit players cuz faceit is that shit..." you're pathetic and sad
Game of Thrones EP5
littlefinger sniekybasterd :)
Brazil, what went wrong?
- Corruption - Bad tax/financial structure (government stimulates leaving money in banks instead of investing) - History with dictatorship, which led to shit education and inequality aswell as high cr...
stewie fucks girl
stewie shot in her face while she wasnt looking at him
FaZe and GuardiaN
i think he wants us to mark his words guys, what do you think ? (: