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ORDER vs Signature
qqdog > ferdog
EnVyUs vs FaZe
happy lurk rekt faze ayyyy
EnVyUs vs FaZe
buyout glaive or some decent igl and replace karrigan please faze can't see faze winning another tournament with him sorry
FaZe vs Cloud9
karrigan is the worst tier 1 igl
FaZe vs Cloud9
faze just dont give a fuck about overpass lmao
its turn to shit now , used to be one of the best site ever with live odd and shit
kRYSTAL join team_fox&HS
-fox [ good] -HS [ good ] -innocent [ good ] -loWel [ lol ] -kRYSTAL [ lol ] pepsilon > sprout > this team
Windigo vs AGO
if they are full try hard on this BO3 windigo 100% won map 1 ago map2 ago map3 but what do I know 3 vs 1 with bomb plant and stll want to retake without even a kit lmao good job guys
k1to banned
1 month lol, kit0 will be bored af playing faceit pugs even mm still kng and fnx is out of fpl now unluko maluco
k1to racist?
no matter what felps bring to help his teammate fnx and kng are still not capable of playing fpl kito is a little bitch too calling them monkey
Fortnite! LOL
would prefer playing cs source or cz than playing shitnite
biggest failure csgo pros
playing bad is not a failure to me because they can still play for a tier 2312312321 team but being a little faggot kid is a bigger failure to me eg. (kng ) zqks he's doing well in brazil davidp du...
dont give a shit about their pr or marketing shit just care about their product
TyLoo vs 5POWER
PTC langod 100% , for sure he's owning tyloo and forget will be pure shit again
BIG vs EnVyUs
lmao losing to BIG 2-0 cant wait for the lord of the rat smooya