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CLG RED Benita throwing on purpose in NA FPL-C qualifiers
I dont think she has a brain no one can trade frag with her rushing like a dog
Ghost vs Luminosity
Imagine if wardell didnt play bad on this map Luminisity picked train axaxaxaxa
Favorite Play?
the only one I remember bondik the god clutch 1 vs 4 that cause them to win the tournament (this cause them to kick mertz) 1st part: 2nd part: ...
estimated FPS for a PC with a 1050 ti and a 2.3 ghz I5
using 1050ti with 2.8 ghz I5 300 fps with all low setting 1024x768 on dm with 24 people I got avg about 150+
Push-to-Talk key
Vitality tactics
Vitality tactics (leaked) 1. apex run through smoke and never release his W key 2. zywoo go entry with your awp ( hit the most insane flick ever still lose the round ) 3. ok guys we lose gun round so...
2019 wish
I wish this thread will make things come true I just want to be successful so my parent can relax
VP new logo
old one with original color will destroy any new vp logo
Is seized homosexual?
not gay 100% I remember when he's still on navi going around the world hunting for thots with Niko on instagram
Pros who are WEEBS
100% MAKA from 3dmax is a weeb
MVP PK vs Storm Rider
gosu got this
zywoo cheating
no offense to zywoo he's the young and rising talent but this clip is suspicious as fuck you can see the chat reaction even espiranto the online god is surprise lol
Morelz carry so hard i feel bad for him
Logic of silvers
most of my silver friend play with high sens ( 1600 dpi at 5 sens ) because they are coming from LOL or PUBG and are used to that sens.
FaZe suNny inc today
no offense but I see mouz getting better each day they have a solid roster but faze lol, niko is a god like player but not in the igl department