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suicidal thoughts
saved by escitalopram.
MIBR is actually the 3rd.
well Im doing pretty damn good since you asked
MIBR is actually the 3rd.
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so tilted get a life goebbels
ENCE explained
dont worry my fellow 3d worlder, at least we know the sun
Lose 20kg in 2 months
Lose 20kg in 2 months....regain 30 in 6 :D acute weight loses are not healthy and are for the most part, only water. Your muscles are full of glycogen, which brings water into the muscles, once you s...
furia playstyle
Lol theyve been insane on the trading frags department
Neymar defenders
listen at 00:38, she slaps his face and he says something like "no, no , no...not like this." then she asks "well..but you are going to hit me, right?" clearly trying to set a trap on him and he co...
Neymar defenders
well, the video was leaked and ends up neymar was right....gotta admit I didnt believe him
Eeeitaaporra tartaruga kkkkkkk
mibr > astralis
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fica puto com o troll nao
Blast exposed
I wish you the best on your next last hours alive. The world is grateful for the info, tho.
This is so fucked up. Fuck guns. And people who promote it.
s1mple tattoo
Because he likes traveling? Because he likes airplanes? Because he likes tattooing his hands? Because he fucking wants to?Because its not of your fucking business?
Pro players callouts?
Yes! But only some of those... cogu comes from 1.6 and never got changed, but theres still a relevant number of new players that dont know the place is called cogu. Boltz is ct mirage on bombsite A, ...