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G2 in playoffs ?
Smithzz strats will carry them
G2 vs Liquid
Ez for G2
Gambit kicked Coach,then
I understand his decision, gambit was dying before the major the major was a fluke. They were close to relegation in ESEA open (kek) and didn't achieve anything besides a dreamhack tournament and a 1/...
Who you cheering for in the playoffs?
Fnatic ofc and if they lose I'll support the brazilians and Gambit
HellRaisers vs FlipSid3
"Major Qualifier" Ok ez F3
Ye Ricky Rays > Vital > Sleazy > Superstitum
pride exus cheating
What's fishy ?
shit region in ur country
No some places in France really suck like In marseille : Basically the French Napoli... Everything is like In Napoli : Gangrened by Mafia, Trashescans open everywhere, The north disctricts are full of...
shit region in ur country
Ahaha i remember when i was in Palerma people were driving like demons but the worst was Napoli and in The Puglias were a complete shithole The trashescan were full. However Milano was clean and clear...
shit region in ur country
No aha since the attacks the cops have a reason to be strict and they are. The military is also much more present and they watch out in the Public Buildings. Now ISIS is choosing the U.K as their targ...
shit region in ur country
No don't worry if you go to the city of Paris you won't get any problems apart from Chinese tourists and Pakis around the Eiffel Tower. Also the chances of getting stabbed in Paris are tiny nowadays ...
shit region in ur country
No Paris Intra muros is safe. The West of the region is very rich with nice houses in the countryside. The only problem is the ghettos in some parts of The East. The worst part is that the shit happe...