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Your 3 best players of all time
...since 1.6 meaning ever since then, or including 1.6, and ever since then? If 1.6 is included, anybody who doesn't include f0rest in their top 3 is a moron. If 1.6 is excluded and we're only consi...
18+ Pornogirls
He's Brazilian as well.
10/10 girl?
Yellow fever, bro.
Astralis vs compLexity
The match hasn't even started according to its original time, and it's already delayed by 10 minutes. xd
BIG and Renegades aren't T9 teams, and fuck off, then. Why should we care if you don't care (about CS), you dumb cunt? P.S.: Neck yourself.
11:20 and sheshboi complaining about people complaining about delay. Go to work you unemployed cunt. Mommy wont pay for your basement your whole life.
I get it that ESL sold out to Facebook and we all hate them for that, but who the FUCK at Valve decided to EVER make Cologne not a major, and not have ESL events be majors for a year? And who the fuck...
You have such a juvenile opinion on men, and juvenile opinions in general. You can't be out of your teenage years yet.
Girl on tinder
I said: your month is only for talking ir for kissing too? She said: for both. She wants the d?
Best round ever?
+1 It's so sad nothing ever came of xms when he had probably THE best round of all time.
Mouz playing like idiots or mibr just too good?
Getting Snax was a mistake long-term. He might've been okay when they first got him, because he was motivated and inspired by being able to join a team that was MUCH better than VP at the time, but he...
MIBR carried by NA
Cold is still great. He should definitely not be on the chopping block.
The only real test they had was against Astralis, and mou had the game of his fuckin' life against them on the first map, which no doubt gave them momentum going into the other maps (even if they lost...
gun free zone btw
"a lock on a door isn't enough" Hooooooly fucking shit. I know you're probably just another shitty troll (because you hardly get any genuine, empathetically-minded opinions from people on HLTV), but ...
EU accent
In what fucking world do you claim American English is better than British English as if it's a fact? A majority would probably disagree with you. Everything else you said is just opinion as well. Po...