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NAF #1, Twistzz #3, don't @ me To be fair, though, I expect S1mple to lose some of his steam somewhere half-way through 2019, I don't expect Astralis to keep dominating the WHOLE year (and definitely...
Nah, they won a ton of rounds with new boosts and actual game plans. Then again, Astralis is Astralis, and this doesn't mean that Liquid will KEEP winning against Astralis, but it was hardly a fluke.
Top 5 CsGo players of all time
Then why is Olof? Cold has played about 200 less maps than Olof (949 vs 1181), but has a rating of 1.20, compared to Olof's 1.10, has been #1 twice in a row (Olof was #1 only once), and beats Olof's c...
Top 5 CsGo players of all time
Olof, S1mple, Cold, device, Guardian. The order can change depending on what metric to use, I guess. Olof for 2 great majors, high peak and consistency (from '14 to '17, though kinda garbo these days...
FaZe -AdreN -GuardiaN
So is the entirety of FaZe, outside of NiKo.
RIP astralul
Literally nobody gives a shit.
Liquid finally breaking the curse is still great, though, and unlike DHM Stockholm or whatever, this victory didn't look like a fluke. This Liquid line-up legitimately finally played in a final, again...
No, get out, nerd.
Reported for bait.
device deserved to be #1.
He's a shitty troll, no need to feed him and give actual counter-arguments. Literally the entirety of 2018 was filled with posts (with screenshots) about how Zeus had an AK when S1mple eco'd, but the...
device deserved to be #1.
Nah, S1mple deserved it.
Allu disrespectful!
No offence, but Finland is much less archaic in many more respects than most places in the world - especially including England.
FaZe vs Ghost
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, OLOF, RAIN AND GUARDIAN? NiKo has been carrying you shitheads for a FULL year now. Can you guys GET IT TOGETHER??? Legendary players my ass.
Top 20 players 2018: The Final
1. S1mple 2. Device
top 1-2
Oh my fucking god, can you people stop with this fucking whining...? They put Electronic over Dupreeh. Device WILL NOT BE ABOVE S1mple. Stop fucking CRYING about it so much.