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wake up @ 4:30 for FaZe
I'll just watch a recap/highlights video of it later on Youtube. They only play 3 matches tomorrow, and the last match starts at, what, 7:25 PM local time? Couldn't figure out better times for an inte...
"NiKo go kill"
He strafed, and then he jumped. You're a moron.
"NiKo go kill"
In the clip I linked you, he opened up an angle for Coldzera, without a single teammate being in front of him, not to mention one getting shot in front of him. Is your memory limited to just a few sec...
"NiKo go kill"
He strafed before he jumped. Also, what the fuck does a jump at the end of a strafe do to disprove my point? You are so god damn braindead with these replies it's actually unreal. Also, he's entried ...
"NiKo go kill"
I like how you're just making up further shitty excuses when you get proven wrong. Keep sipping the Kool-Aid, my cripplingly autistic friend. Also, it wasn't about entrying, it was about wide strafin...
"NiKo go kill"
"but i never saw him wide strafe an angle to create space for his team" Literally watch the highlights video of this same fuckin' match, RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING: Go ...
ropz left mouz?
Uhh...maybe his travel complication is also a health issue, 'cause it's something like...I dunno, something related to pressure in the ears or some shit? Pretty sure there's a lot of "health issues" t...
I guess ur age
1. 2597 2. LEM before I stopped playing, re-ranked into DMG recently/level 4 on Faceit, but I don't really play Faceit. Only have about 15 matches or something on it. 3. Hard to pick anything, but I g...
nbk "they're dead to me already"
Hol' up.
s1mple terrible because of girlfriend ?
This is pretty much it.
FK2 to wireless
Get a G305, and transplant the G305 PCB into the FK2. You can find the guide to do it here: It'll take a bit of time and money and labour, but if you really ...
Frankie <3
She reads random HLTV forum posts, and OP is an incel.
mouz isn't a true team
Not much better.
Bro, come on, this is why they need the observers to speak Russian; so they can get information on the wrong player/place to observe and chit-chat about their idiotic cyka blyat lives. Starladder is ...