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s1mple pathetic
The word you're looking for is "obligatory", by the way (or "is he obligated", if you want to word it that way).
shox>olofmeister in the list of top all-time
Top 20 players...of 2018, my friend. Olof's rating for the year is 1.05. He's the second-worst rated FaZe player in 2018 (after Karrigan, of course), and GuardiaN and Rain both have 1.09, and HLTV usu...
Top 10 unskilled pro?
...the thread's literally asking about skill, you fucking idiot.
Who is better??
S1mple, easily. S1mple has been at a better peak for the whole of 2018 than the others have ever been capable of.
Top 15 CSGO Players of 2018
All I know 100% for sure is that the top 3 will be S1mple, Device, then Niko. Ratings-wise, #4 should be Electronic, but not too sure about that, because Na'Vi has less wins than Astralis etc and that...
Top 15 CSGO Players of 2018
...yes it matters, because it's top players of 2018, not "best finalists of recent times", you fucking moron.
Top 15 CSGO Players of 2018
...that's why HLTV is a big site whose rankings people care about and you're just some idiot in a bottom-of-the-barrel forum. The list is for the entirety of 2018, not just how you think Oskar is rec...
He's not fucking back to CS:GO. He was just hired for BLAST Pro Series. With that said, he might still come back, because OW's scene is slowly dying (at least the whole scene below OWL).
Did he also know that OW Contenders would start to die because of Blizzard's shitty top-heavy, artificial approach and make the OW pro scene's days numbered? I'm sure Blizzard pays him handsomely, bu...
Karrigan kicked?
"According to experts, it is his sharp eye for tactics and strategy that continues to make him current on the international scene. However, it requires that he continues to perform if he is to be in t...
"not so impressive" He got 1.42 frags every round, on average, for 52 fucking rounds in a row, against other pros and semi-pros. Your statement of it not being impressive is retarded, and you should ...
denmark too strong?
Wait...what are you telling him not to write off completely? He CAN'T write anything off, 'cause Astralis reks shit both on and offline.
denmark too strong?
It does sound dumb, but fuck it, I would happily choose to be born in a country as great as Denmark but have to speak a language that sounds that dumb if I could.
denmark too strong?
Smithzz is a fucking embarrassment, and Shox oughta be ashamed.
Denmark dominates ECS
You talk like you have unbelievably strong autism.