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Game Of Thrones S08E03
??? Youve heard ? And a "big" battle somehow means itll be good ? Why even compare it to Helms Deep when Minas Tirith is a the biggest battle in LOTR. Fuck I hate GoT fanboys. You need to grow up and ...
Game Of Thrones S08E03
"biggest battle in cinema history (bigger than battle for helms deep in LOTR." > You havent even seen the episode yet > Helms Deep isnt the biggest battle in cinema history. Its not even the bigg...
source lol ? Cos Im calling major bullshit on that. He was already playing CS fulltime in 2014 when he was 20. Theres no way he did anything close to licenced engineer at 20yo.
Most important subject in school
right. In Germany, basically if you dont get 80-90% A's throughout the last 2 years of highschool you will never, NEVER get into Medicine/Psychology at Uni. So yes, school here is mainly a filtering i...
Most important subject in school
Most important subject in school
in Finland, can you study whatever you want at Uni ? Regardless of how well you do in school ?
Most important subject in school
Most important subject in school
no. Both should be subjects without grades at all. Its completely fucking autistic that some grill who painted all her life gets an A in art and that A actually counts towards her Abitur and therefore...
Most important subject in school
No subject is really important. School is mostly just a testing ground for how well kids can discipline themselves to study. Its a filtering mechanism to get rid of lazy/dumb kids and prevent them fro...
Strange smells you like
ez cancer
danish billionaire
Idk, I think its more sad if a billionaire kid dies like that. Think of all the awesome stuff he couldve done in his life. Thats just the truth of it. Sure, the other victims mightve had amazing lifes...
Stewie is the problem.
they werent even top5 with JDM, Stan, Hiko, s1mple
[FACEIT] balanced teams
to everyone calling him a noob for caring about kd, whens the last time you saw someone with 0.8kd past20 and he wasnt trash ?
Good Hbo series
Its fairly heavy stuff tho, compared to GoT at least. And the acting is significantly better.
Good Hbo series
True Detective. Trust.