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Death Penalty for certain crimes
Isn't every single punishment ever "subjective" ?
Death Penalty for certain crimes
Yes and yes. I would love to see how some people's opinions in this thread change when their 5 year old daughter is raped and killed by a pedophile.
Runescape The number of people online at the top is RS3 + OSRS players. The number on here is solely OSRS players. More people play old sc...
RS3 is good if you want to play a budget WoW and buy/afk every skill with ridiculous xp rates. OSRS is good if you have mild autism (me) with a lot of free time.
New update changes the UMP45
Martin, I lostered my sign from you that I had on my profile since the update removed the feature of writing on guestbooks. I am dying of depression now :-/
ur age and job??
19 chemical engineering student/bitch boy at oil refinery for summer $2500/month for now
I remember when i was like 15-16 I was beginning to be really far left wing dumbo, it's like all of reddit is filled with kids stuck in this stage
Profile hits?
Cancer, only people who had "good" views were baiters and botters.
Just a daily reminder that you are a racist if you support more regulation on immigration from the middle east.
PENTA vs Outlaws
I love the change but this does not even feel like the same website anymore, lol
Renegades vs CLG
ez clg
CLG vs Luminosity
[18+] hot girl pics/gifs collection
this thread won "the most virgins in one place on internet" award
SK's path back to greatness
go outside
If you were gay
Steven suptic or immortalHD. There's a couple more but I can't think of them off top of my head.